Can golden pheasant really cure cancer?

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Golden Chicken and hairy vegetables , It's also called magic lifesaver . It comes from Singapore 、 Thailand and other places . It's only about two years since it was introduced into China . Its magic , It can effectively inhibit the regeneration of cancer cells , And right 30 A variety of common diseases have different curative effects .

Golden Chicken is more magical , Can it cure cancer ? Let's get to know it seriously !

Its main function is : clearing away heat and toxic material .

It is said that , It can be used in different levels of physiotherapy 30 Many diseases . Pay attention , I'm not talking about treatment , It's physical therapy . physiotherapy , physiotherapy , physiotherapy ! I repeat the important words three times .

First , Inhibit cancer cells , Cancer prevention , Treat snake venom , Have practical experience .

secondly , Clean the blood , Wash red blood cells , High blood pressure , Low blood pressure , diabetes , Stomach trouble , Liver disease , Rheumatism , cough , Vascular occlusion , Throat flower , Lumbago and leg pain , Sensitive asthma , thyroid , Sores and tumors , Syphilis , Facial sores , Bone tuberculosis , gonorrhea , condyloma acuminatum , Erosion of the uterus , pelvic infection , Appendicitis , Impotence , Premature ejaculation, etc 30 More than .

It is said that , It's the only way to take it : Different amount of leaves can be boiled in water .

It is said that , The side effects of excessive use of Kalanchoe : Directly affect the patient's digestive system .

So it seems , Jinjimaocai is also a kind of plant with heat clearing and detoxification . To be precise , He can't treat cancer . It can treat 30 Multiple diseases , It's not very scientific . It can only be said that it has a certain physiotherapeutic effect on heat toxic diseases . in other words , There is some theoretical basis for its ability to inhibit cancer in different degrees . however , Folk so-called therapeutic effect , According to some information, it is verified that , There's still no clinical validation .

We know , Nature makes all things , Every living plant , Including the vegetables we eat everyday . so to speak 99% All of the above have certain physiotherapy effect . If there is a therapeutic effect , After all, it is on the basis of theoretical research , Through the pharmaceutical factory to use its curative effect function special processing , After clinical verification , To be recognized as . So , Our folklore , About the special function of golden pheasant to cure all kinds of diseases , It's a little over the top .

Experience tells us , Excessive drinking will also have adverse reactions . If it disrupts our digestive system , The energy our bodies need , There will be no effective supply .

Our body is a place to absorb external energy , And then self transformation operation , It's an organic balance of yin and yang to excrete garbage . Not enough energy , There is no basic guarantee of our healthy behavior . that , How can it play the role of all inclusive treatment ?

So we say , Cancer and what we mentioned above 30 The therapeutic effect of other diseases , It can only be based on the experience of life , It exaggerates its physiotherapy effect blindly .

On the basis of checking some relevant information , Plus my own analysis , The conclusion is that : Scientifically speaking , It has a physiotherapeutic effect , There is no absolute therapeutic effect .

Of course , It doesn't rule out , With the development of Science , In the future, it may be able to develop its therapeutic effect after extracting and processing intentional energy . This should be subject to scientific research and development , After a certain stage of clinical treatment , Finally, to the level of people's healthy life .

recommend , Drink in small quantities , It helps to prolong life . Overdose , Try to consult an experienced professional doctor , And then we can decide .

Our body is powered by Qi and blood . The external environment and our internal environment , To achieve a harmonious unity , Is a strong guarantee of our health .

wind , Wet , cold , Summer heat , dryness , heat , Evil influence , It's a major factor in our health . Our mood is also an important factor in our health . therefore , Physical and mental health is the fundamental guarantee of our longevity .

Thank you for catching up with the good times , There is a country of peace , There's plenty of food , Have a stable home , There's plenty of entertainment , And our young heart that never grows old . Let's enjoy nature scientifically ! A good life is to be happy every day !

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