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I especially like Deng Hao's prose , I remember in my mind that he wrote an article called 《 My soul is wearing a pair of straw sandals 》, Unfortunately, I don't remember what I wrote , Just remember the title of this article . Today I want to borrow the title , Write an article called 《 My soul and Taoyuan Qingxi 》.

[ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1], Jane book author . that , My soul ? I also mean , Of course my soul is alive , Like the current of Yangcheng Lake , But I'm talking about a book now , It's a business book I wrote 《 Forty is youth 》.

My soul is being [ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] Touched , So I can't help saying a few words , Of course, if you are moved and grateful , Of course, it's from my heart , To put it simply, it's from the heart .

National Press and publication administration 2020 Recommended catalogue of key publications of farmhouse Library in ,《 Forty is youth 》 election , JD.COM JD.COM The book channel offers you 《 Forty is youth 》 By Jiang Kunyuan , This book is a best seller of successful inspirational novels written in modern and contemporary Chinese literature .

little does one think ,[ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] Read the book , I wrote five book reviews in a row , What I want to say is that his book reviews are like five bullets in a row , The bullet hit above the ninth ring , It can be called “ Sharpshooter ”.

You see , Here are five book reviews he wrote :

[《 Details illuminate the soul 》][Link 2]

[《 Three questions to ask yourself before starting a business 》][Link 3]

[《 The real noble in life 》][Link 4]

[《 How to avoid “ Step on the pit ”》][Link 5]

[《 Looking for the anchor of value 》][Link 6]

Some friends write my book reviews and how to receive my books , Open the package , Excited or something . And he didn't write that . It's not that you can't write like this , To write a book review, we should understand , The main content of the book , And the experience after reading , It's not about how to get a book , Seeing book reviews like that , I won't finish it , Just like it . What really makes me want to see again , Is like [ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] Such book reviews . To some extent , His comments are very good , Not even when I was writing , It's what he said .

for instance [《 The real noble in life 》][Link 7], So he wrote :

The greatness of Miss Jiang's wife is more important in her insight and mind . She's a reasonable person , When she heard in detail that her husband wanted to take land to build a factory , She is willing to support again . Because she knows it's a good way to make money . What she opposes is to open a factory blindly , And in favor of buying land and renting factories . It's a steady business to buy a rented factory , Her wife deserves to be a businessman , It's insightful . Her breadth of mind is reflected in her tolerance and understanding of her husband , Harmony but not sameness is a real gentleman , She knows the truth , I'm also a gentleman among women . Although she's against her husband starting a business , however , Once the husband does start a business , She became a strong support for her husband again . His wife not only helped him get land to build a factory , And help to make plans , Once it's done , And a lot of courage , It is suggested to borrow money to build a factory at one time , Rent to make money . and , His wife borrows money from her relatives and friends at the most critical moment 100 More than ten thousand yuan , Support your husband to start a business with practical actions . It can be said that , She really gave her husband the strongest support with her actions , She and her husband are thinking together , Push hard to one place , Share weal and woe , Become the most important person in your husband's life .

[ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] Use the examples in my book , My wife is the most important person in my life . I've read a lot of reviews that people have written about this book , My wife is my lady ,[ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] For the first person . I should reward him , therefore 2021 I will give him a signed copy of every book I publish in 2007 . Give him the book , I got a lot of , Maybe he'll have a Book Review “ Three in a row ”“ Four in a row ” Yeah .

such as [《 Three questions to ask yourself before starting a business 》][Link 8]. honestly , I never asked myself that when I started my business . that , Look what he said :

1, Dare not ? Do you have the strongest desire , Do it or not .2, Can you ? What do you want , How much desire to make money , Can you afford to fail , Can you bear the worst .3, Is there any ? Do you have short-term 、 Medium term and long term goals and plans . I hope every entrepreneur doesn't start a business for the sake of starting a business , It's a mission , Strive to realize the value of life .

my 《 Forty is youth 》 It's a record of my entrepreneurial history , They are all ordinary stories , If I can move you , It's not because of how good my writing is , It's about something , Some little story , Touch a point in your heart . thank you [ Taoyuan Qingxi ][Link 1] Read this book carefully , You make me think my book is wonderful , Then I have to treasure it .

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