The story of wild lotus root 17

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The vice captain said :“ In the morning, group leader Jiang met Alan , Why do I have to see her in the afternoon ?”

The captain glared at him :“ You're a little confused .”

The vice captain said :“ You don't say , How do I know ? I'm not the roundworm in the belly of group leader Jiang .”

Director Cha told the vice captain the whole story of leader Jiang's meeting with Alan , Finally, he asked him where Alan worked ?

The vice captain said :“ sorry , I don't know where she is either ?”

Said the captain :“ Who sent the workers to your team ?”

The vice captain said :“ Is my .”

Said the captain :“ It's you , You should have sent Alan to make a living , How can you say you don't know where she is ?”

The vice captain said :“ I'll send someone to know what she does for a living , But I really don't know where she is ?”

Said the captain :“ Where is she ? Now group leader Jiang wants to see her , If you delay this big thing , Then director Cha and I can't explain to group leader Jiang .”

The vice captain said :“ Alan is out .”

It turns out that Alan went to find her little aunt , My little aunt is a tailor , On one hand, she had a piece of cloth and wanted to find a little aunt to make clothes , The second is about her and stone. I want to ask my little aunt to talk to my parents , Do her parents' ideological work .

Said the captain :“ All the members of the team are working in the fields , How can she go out without permission ?”

The vice captain said :“ I heard leader Jiang say that he would let Alan work as a salesman in the supply and Marketing Cooperative of the commune , It's a great thing for Alan , But she told me that she didn't have a decent dress , If you really go to work for a supply and marketing agency , What can I do ? therefore , She's taking the afternoon off , I agreed with her on my own .”

Said the captain :“ I'm not criticizing you , Working hours during the day , How can you let her go out without work ?”

The vice captain said :“ I didn't know that group leader Jiang was looking for her this afternoon , I think leader Jiang is more impatient than monkey .”

Captain :“ Now I don't have time for this kind of thing with you , As long as you find Alan , Even if this matter is passed carelessly .”

The vice captain said :“ I don't know where her little aunt's house is , I have to ask her parents .”

in an instant , The vice captain called Alan's mother and new sister-in-law . Director Cha told her , Now the brigade has a quota for commune salesmen to be salesmen , After the research of the brigade branch, I gave this quota to your daughter , Now leader Jiang of the working group is also in the headquarters , He wants to see your daughter , Let's put this matter into practice today .

My new sister-in-law is very happy , She asked :“ You're not going to make me laugh .”

Director Cha said :“ This is true , You need to get your daughter to the brigade as soon as possible , Otherwise, as time goes by , This good opportunity just slipped away , You say it's a pity !”

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