Reading classics and learning knowledge

2021-02-23 07:05:15  作者:Life journey

“ I touched the food they gave me in disgust , And then they gobble it up .

“ Don't give her too much to eat ,” St. · John said ,“ Otherwise, it is easy to be in danger , That's enough .”

“ Give her some more , She's really hungry .”

“ Not yet ,” St. · John said ,“ Now let's see if she can talk , Ask her name .”

This is a big piece of text that appears in 《 Jane Eyre 》 in . Jane Eyre didn't eat for several days in a row , Hungry faint was rescued after John's house … The revelation to us is , Don't eat too much for someone who has been hungry for a few days at a time , Or you won't be able to save the hungry , It's going to hurt her

When feeding people who have been hungry for a few days , You can't give him too much at a time , Just give me a little to save my life , Or you'll die . Seeing this reminds me of Yu Hua 《 Alive 》 Li Fugui's grandson ate beans , It's just that I'm so hungry that I eat too much to die , And a professor who didn't eat for a few days in a movie I saw , In a row 7 After a steamed bun , finally , It's also because of eating too much .

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