Ordinary life twists and turns (1101)

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Part 8 (042)

Chapter 217

Xu Hongmei visits Li Guirong

Lin Xincheng saves Xu Hongmei


Lin Xincheng still needs to talk to each other , Xu Hongmei waved her hand and said :“ My teacher , My good brother , Don't try to persuade me , You still listen to me . You are the only man I respect and like the most , It's a good brother who cares and loves me , Although I respect and like you since you taught us , I never thought about doing that with you , Just like other girls , Take you as a model to find someone in the future . Thinking of having that kind of thing with you , It's since you untied Zhao Shaofu's wife and daughter on the fifth day of the first month , I think , I let Zhao Shaofu do that every day , Won't let me respect and like you like that ? When deputy director Chen was like me for the first time , My idea is even stronger . So from that day on , Whether it's Zhao Shaofu , Or deputy director Chen , And then Li Wuyi , When they give me that , I close my eyes , Think of them as you , The pleasure of trying to imagine you . I'm a barefoot doctor , I know it's called sexual fantasy , This is often the case with couples who don't have a good relationship , One always thinks of the other as her ( He ) People you like . If I don't have this fantasy , They can't stick to their behavior at all . But afterwards , I don't think it's you , Will be sad to cry . In spite of this , But I never dare to mention it to you , Because I know my brother is not satisfied with your coming back to be the team leader , I'm afraid my brother will find out about you , He is a man who can take care of anyone to achieve his own goal .“

Xu Hongmei said that , He looked up at Lin Xincheng again . Lin Xincheng didn't mean to express his views , He listened to her solemnly with his head down .

therefore , Xu Hongmei goes on :“ I didn't expect , When appraising party members , My brother told me to get close to you , Connect with feelings , Let you help him through the customs . I know my brother wants you to help him through the customs , Let me get close to you , Even if that happened to me and you . I was very happy to hear that , I'm from Zhao Shaofu 、 Deputy director Chen and Li Wuyi , It proves what people say , Man , Old or young , Whether it's strong or sick , There's nothing wrong with that . I think , I'm not ugly either , As long as I offer to you , And you'll agree . I didn't think of it , That day in your room , I sincerely put it to you , You didn't agree , And he talked me into , And it said , You don't have that kind of thing with me , Also working for my brother to keep Party members . later , You did not do less work for my brother to stay in the party . such , In my heart , Your image is bigger , I respect you more , I'm more intimate with you ."

Xu Hongmei looks at Lin Xincheng again , Just go on :“ What I never thought was , My brother retained his party membership among the members of the appraisal committee. Just over a month later , Just bite the hand that feeds you , In the matter of your joining the party , It's such a big plot , So that you can't join the upper party with a unanimous vote , Dampen your enthusiasm , Let you have a misunderstanding about Zhao Shaofu and Secretary Jin of the Party committee . If it wasn't because I didn't agree with my brother to take revenge on Zhao Shaofu so soon , He told me in anger , We're all in the drums . Brother Xincheng , Because I respect you , I like you , I'm shocked by my brother's plot against you , Feel angry . therefore , I was so angry that I got sick ."

Lin Xincheng listened to Xu Hongmei's words , I'm really moved by her true feelings , Just say :“ Sister Hongmei , I didn't think it would be like this , Thank you for telling me , Thank you for your true love for me .”

Xu Hongmei said :“ Brother Xincheng , You ask sister-in-law Jianrong to see me , And let sister-in-law Jianrong take a message , Let me get well and cook for the team . I don't even want to live , Will I still cook for the team ? My brother knows I'm not sick , It's just angry , He also urged me twice , I didn't answer him . I know why my brother urged me to cook for the team , Let me continue to maintain that relationship with deputy director Chen , So that deputy director Chen can work hard to secure his position as a branch secretary . If he doesn't say something about you , I might continue to do that . however , I don't listen to him now , I can't be his victim anymore ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ Ever since you were sick , It was Wang Chaofeng who cooked for the team , Wang Chaofeng is the deputy director of the brigade , It's not a matter to ask Wang Chaofeng to cook for the team all the time . Besides, , Wang Chaofeng also told your brother , Since yesterday afternoon, he has stopped working for the team ."

Xu Hongmei said :“ I heard my brother discuss with my sister-in-law yesterday afternoon , Let my sister-in-law do it for the team , Go early in the morning , Go to school after breakfast , Cooking after school , After lunch, I went to school to teach , Cooking after school , Go home after dinner ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ That's also true , Your sister-in-law is right ."

Xu Hongmei cried again :“ Brother Xincheng , I think so , I can't be at home anyway , People look down on , Not at home , I'm leaving my hometown , It's dead or alive out there , Just let it go . Just before I leave , I want to make a request to you ."

Lin Xincheng asked :“ Do you have to go out ?"

Xu Hongmei nodded her head and said :“ Be sure to go out ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ Since you have made up your mind , Go ahead, please. , As long as I can do it ."

Xu Hongmei said :“ If you will , You must be able to do it easily ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ You say ."

Xu Hongmei said :“ I want you to warm my broken heart ."

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