Fengjian water town -- "Lingnan Zhouzhuang"

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Fengjian water town ——“ Zhouzhuang, Lingnan ”

At the mention of “ Water Village ” Two words , People always think of the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River 、 By the Qinhuai River 、 White walls and black tiles , Wu Nong talks about the past in soft language , The tenderness in my heart also rippled with the microwave . Just like talking about the Pearl River Delta , Northerners always yearn for the boundless sea and a romantic encounter . However , In the north of Xingtan town, Shunde District, Guangdong Province , But there is also a place known as “ Zhouzhuang, Lingnan ” Ancient villages , Its name is “ Fengjian water town ”.

First listen to “ Every bamboo slip ” Two words , It caused me a lot of reverie , The first thing that came to mind was the work of Wuzhen by Zhou Zuoren “ The awning boat ”, And then taste it “ Every bamboo slip ” Two words , There's something in it : Meet , Welcome the distant guests ; Jane , Recover one's original simplicity . With such expectation , stay 2021 New year's Day , Far away from the bustling market , Set foot on the journey through “ Fengjian water town ” The journey .

When I was a child, I lived by the Moyang river , Foshan's home is also near the water , Now start from the Dongping River to find another water bank , It can be seen that I have a strong water complex . As soon as I get to the entrance of the village , The golden sunlight falls on the road at the entrance of the village through the trees , Half an hour's drive saves the fatigue of the boat , I can smell the fragrance of the earth , The children were jubilant 、 Run and jump , The adult's mood is also very comfortable ! Because the haze of the new crown has not dissipated , You need to make an appointment , Through a big red tent , After checking Yue Kang code and body temperature , Finally, the customs clearance was successful .

The road between the main road and the village entrance is very broad , On the left are some big fish ponds , Three or two large oxygen pumps are installed in each fish pond , The rumbling sound , Plus the snow-white spray , Suddenly the child said “ Roll up a thousand piles of snow ”, It's for children living in the city , It's a wonder . On the right side of the road is the endless farmland , Green vegetable fields , A few places apart , There are also a few scattered farmhouses , This stillness 、 A green and yellow scene , There is life in desolation , It's just natural , gain by contrast . On the way, there are occasional sightseeing buses passing by , But most people still choose to walk and watch , Listen to the wind .

After the country road , Turn the corner into a slightly narrow concrete road , Walk about 10 minute . A building was built around the intersection , Write “ Party mass Service Center ”. The three story office building is made of antique bricks and stones , With reddish brown doors and windows , It's elegant and elegant , It shows the local economic strength and cultural conservation . A large-scale villa group was built next to the party mass center , New Chinese style pavilion , Green brick walls and black tile roofs , There is running water outside the house , There are also famous flowers and trees , It shows the unique design and taste of the builder and the owner of the house .

All kinds of shops on the right side of cement road are open one by one , There are private dishes , There are fast food restaurants , There's a dessert house , There are handmade jewelry stores , There are also antique handicraft shops and so on . When it comes to Fengjian's food , There are so many , Such as Jun'an steamed pig , Fish pancakes , Fish line surface 、 Double skin milk , Lunjiao cake , Fried milk, etc . The most famous one is Jun'an steamed pig , The practice is particular , Keep the original flavor of pork . First of all, choose about 100 Jin of pigs , Remove the big bone 、 Tubular bone 、 Internal organs , In the front row 、 Keep the pig as it is , Mix salt 、 sugar 、 Chicken meal 、 Sprinkle five spice powder on the surface of pork , Stand on the stove and cook for 40 minutes , Crystal clear , Jun'an steamed pig with crisp skin and tender meat is ready .

Just walk and watch , I have heard the murmuring water coming from the front , Follow the sound and see a Bay River , The water is sparkling , The water is shining . This one is as long as 10 The river is more than km around the whole village , There are more than 100 ancient houses , The ancient road of Qingshi is crisscross , Towering ancient trees are everywhere . According to the research , The surrounding villages are Song Dynasty 、 bright 、 Ancient architecture in Qing Dynasty . According to the Qing Xianfeng years 《 Shunde county records · Volume two · The Sutra 》 record , Every Jane has 32 A temple , Like the water Moon Palace 、 Marshal Ma Temple 、 Hou Wang Temple 、 Dragon Mother Temple 、 The temple of Notre Dame 、 Guanyin temple and so on ; There are also many famous ancestral halls , Including the Song Dynasty's Li Gong temple 、 Liu's ancestral hall 、 I intend to visit Yi'an temple 、 In Song Dynasty, Liang's ancestral hall was called on .

Walking along the winding river , Water light meets sky , Twists and turns , Time goes on and on , Love is flowing . There are several ancient bridges across the river , Among them, the most precious are the Mingyuan bridge made of red sandstone and the Juji bridge made of granite . These two beam type three hole stone bridges , He was a Jinshi in the Qing and Yuan Dynasties of Song Dynasty , It was built by Li Shixiu of Zhejiang Province , It's the most precious ancient building in Fengjian .

The ancient bridge has been bathed in the wind and rain for thousands of years and is still intact as before , Luxuriance and simplicity coexist . Visitors walk on the bridge, or look at it affectionately or take photos as a souvenir , There's another scene under the bridge : The tourists in the canoe paddled the wood pulp gently , The river is clear to the bottom , Fish and shrimp play in the water , Unknowingly, the boat has passed through the bridge , The red lantern in the bow of the boat is blowing gently in the breeze , The smile of the tourists , It constitutes a rare and harmonious picture of beauty since COVID-19 .

Go to the ancient bridge and see the scenery , Touch every stone lion on every bridge over and over again , Feel the civilization after thousands of years . Stand on the bridge and watch , I saw the quay in front of the stone steps by the river , No more women washing . There don't seem to be big ups and downs here 、 The influence of the terrible war , either “ King Qi ”、“ Cui Jiu ” Such a declining aristocrat , Therefore, Du Fu seldom felt the loneliness and sadness of Li guinian , But there are 13 Jinshi here , Enough cultural deposits , The low-key and elegant style of literati is everywhere .

If we say Jiangnan Water Town is a lady of all families , Rich and gorgeous , Well, Fengjian water town is like a small jasper , Simplicity , Beautiful . People living a complicated life in the Pearl River Delta , You can always “ There is no such thing as sit in “,“ Steal half a day's leisure “, I found a job in Fengjian “ Big hidden in the city ” The purity and carefree of life .

“ Spring water is green in the sky , Painting boats sleep in the rain . A man on the other side of the river is like a moon , White wrists coagulate frost and snow .” It's not spring yet , But the cold winter is about to pass , Spring has beckoned to us not far away . Walking along the desolate ancient road of Fengjian village , Hold your head high and face the warm winter sun , There is a lot of hope in my heart .