Who upset spring

2021-02-23 04:34:37  作者:Photography

How to describe the spring in front of us ? How to describe the mood in the face of spring ?

Spring is so beautiful , Every word and sentence seems powerless . The mood in the face of spring is really complicated , It's hard to sum it up in one word . What to do ?

When I leave the city without much sign of spring , Come to this cherry blossom place , Spring is splashing out in front of my eyes , I can't see , See things in a blur , I'm not ready to appreciate its words of praise , Just tut tut sighed : It's beautiful ! How could it be so beautiful ?

A village that has been silent all winter , In this spring, I suddenly wake up . Look at that hillside 、 In the field 、 In the valley 、 Around the farmyard , A piece of white , If it snowed last night .

Heaven and earth have great beauty without words . How can I resist the temptation of beauty ? When I sit in the car, my mood starts to jump . When you come to the river , Walk by the cherry blossoms , I was surrounded by the beauty of spring , Smell a special smell . What's the taste ? Mixed with a hint of flowers and sweet grass flavor , Isn't that the taste of spring ?

Cherry blossom in front of me , It's the most blooming flower I've ever seen , It's like snow , No leaves, no flowers , Clusters of , Twigs and twigs and twigs , Open a tree . What is spring full of flowers ? A cherry blossom is the best answer .

These flowers and trees , Bathed in the spring sunshine , Decorate this ordinary village like a movie picture . Yes , If you want to make a movie here , Spring is undoubtedly the best season .

The tree is full of flowers , Three months later , It's a red cherry like agate . At that time , People are walking along paths in the woods , Sitting on a stone bench under a tree , Tasting the cherry , Enjoying the beauty of the world . The beautiful flowers in February , A lot of people miss it .

Linger by the beautiful cherry trees , I was attracted by the willow color by the river . The guest house is green and willow is new , Ten thousand green silk ribbons , It's such a season ? Weeping willows along the river , By the hand of spring breeze , It's green . Looking at this lovely new green , People's heart also has a joy of germination . Spring really comes , Everything will come back to life .

Walking by the river , Looking at Liu , While enjoying the flowers . The valley is full of cherry blossoms , In a field in front of a family , I see a pale pink flower , He went to the flower , It's apricot blossom . The petals of apricot are also white , It's just that the pedicels are red , From a distance, it looks like a light pink flowered garment . By the apricot tree , There are two pear trees , It's full of drum like buds , Some of the early blooms have shown their smiling faces , Shining in the sun .

So many flowers are in full bloom , I stand under the flower tree to take a picture , There seems to be a spring in my heart . Last year because of the epidemic , Missed a blooming spring . After such a long and cold winter this year , Finally ushered in the mood of spring , We're all the same ?

Who upset spring ? From then on, it was out of control ……