A hundred day essay (81)

2021-02-23 04:34:19  作者:Photography

It's still sunny today , My wife and I 、 My elder sister went to elder sister Chen 、 Brother he's home . They live by the beautiful Caiyun lake , It is the first approved national wetland park in Chongqing . With sister Chen 、 Brother he has been married for ten years , Although they are all Chongqing people , It was in northeast Australia that I met . Two daughters bought houses one after another , It's just across the street , When you speak, you are familiar with the local accent , Talking about the past, there are people we all know , You say coincidence or not . The key is that after so many years of contact , Although the two sides have their own contacts with China and Australia , Later, the family moved again , But wechat keeps in touch , The intimacy between each other 、 The degree of recognition is quite high . see , When I was in Zunyi, Northern Guizhou, years ago , Sister Chen began to ask where we were ? If you are invited to Chongqing, you must be a guest at home , He also emphasized that his elder brother missed us .

Elder brother he is over 73 years old , In the past, employees of military enterprises in Chongqing , introversion 、 Not good at talking , But he is very kind and sincere . This is not my hometown 、 Brother, prejudice , When I was a neighbor from all over the world , That's what everyone says . Brother he doesn't like to talk , It doesn't mean you can't talk , He often speaks slowly when he expresses his meaning 、 The sentence pattern is short 、 There are many dialects 、 With a sense of humor . For example, when it comes to the relationship between grandfather and grandson , He joked :“ grandson ? Empty lamp ”. The traditional family sun 、 The kinship and estrangement of grandchildren , Express it without cover . Once I asked brother he , Do you like the Australian climate ? He replied “ It's like singing , Take it off later 、 I'll wear it later ”. What do you mean by that? ? In fact, what he wants to express is that the daily temperature difference is too big , Add clothes at any time , I'm not used to it . You see , I used so many words to express , He just used a dozen words , And it's funny 、 It's interesting . Maybe someone wants to ask what brother he looks like ? The simple description is that he is not tall 、 ugly in one 's appearance , Just an ordinary person . But if I say brother he likes music 、 I especially like social dancing , And you need to buy tickets to get in , It's a very formal ballroom dance , Would you believe it ? What I said is absolutely true , He fell in love with dancing after he retired , Travel in many famous dance halls in Chongqing , One jump for more than ten years . I want to ask him how good he is at dancing ? I really don't understand , I asked brother he if he had ever participated in any competition ? He shook his head . I thought the other way around , Why do you have to make a fuss about ordinary people's dancing 、 Why does dancing have to be utilitarian ? As long as he likes 、 He's very happy, isn't he ?

I'm going to visit sister Chen today 、 Brother he's home , They've been looking forward to it for a long time 、 Be well prepared , Chicken, duck and fish on the table 、 There are all kinds of bacon sausages , And delicious glutinous rice balls . Is it good ? Of course , To borrow from sister Chen “ A table of local flavor ”, It's hard to eat in a restaurant . Before leaving, the host packed the bacon sausage , Let's carry it home to eat . In the afternoon , Elder sister accompanied us to visit the nearby Caiyun lake , bright spring days , The flowers are just beginning to bloom , Lakes and mountains , jammed with visitors . The picturesque scenery set off by the warm sun , I feel like I'm infatuated again in my spring sleepiness .