Ten thousand miles of simple books

2021-02-23 03:30:36  作者:Life journey

Jane's book is wonderful , All the way .

Flowers with birds , Step on the grass .

Full of fragrance , I'm crazy about butterflies .

Bees love stamens , Assiduously .

The mountain is high and the current is far away , Lakeside streams and pools .

Green pine and green bamboo bank , Yangliuyi Riverside .

The sky is high and the birds are flying , The wild geese are far away .

The water is wide with fish , Hirakawa looks to the eye .

New people practice a lot , Old style exhibition .

It's a long way to go , Educating people and expanding the front sail .

The threshold is low and flat , Jane youkuo walks .

The future direction , Crowdfunding comes together .

Poetry and distance , The ink is blue and blue .

The Great Exhibition of the great picture , Simple books educate people .



Jane book is my favorite


Rose fragrance

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