Love in those years, where to start (19)

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writing / Sword at dawn

One weekend morning , Wei Yue came to visit Yinni uninvited . No appointment , Just wait downstairs in the women's dormitory , I see yini who is working part-time , Just looking at it , No expression , No words .

Yinni has made a part-time appointment with Fanfan , Ask Wei Yue :“ Why don't you call in advance ? So stupid, wait , In case I'm not here ?”

Wei Yue did not answer , Just a word :“ I haven't had breakfast yet !” An outsider sounds not painful not itchy words , Yinni's heart was suddenly distressed .

The sails that come face to face , Say hello warmly , And then I see Wei Yue in the dark . His eyes beckoned :“ Your classmates ?”

I didn't wait for Yinni to speak , Wei Yue is not in a hurry to spit out a sentence :“ I want you to take care of !”

I heard that , Fanfan and Yinni are stupid at the same time ! What happened to Fanfan was , I like it for more than a year , I've been with her for more than a year , I've never heard of such a man ; Yini's surprise is , Why is this man so overbearing !

Look at this posture , Fanfan knows that this guy must have known Yinni before himself . It's hard not to let Yinni do it , Fan fan left first .

Yinni walks ahead of herself , I went to the school restaurant, bought breakfast and put it on the table . Wei Yue lowers her head and eats , Not a word .

Yinni really doesn't know what this guy does , Ask :“ What do you want? ? If you're upset, say it , Don't carry anything at home . What's on your mind , You have to say it !”

Wei Yue looks up at yini's angry face , Leng Buding said :“ Don't fall in love with others , What's the future with them . Be my girlfriend !”

Such a serious thing, so perfunctory and overbearing , Yinni was not excited at all , He replied angrily :“ good , Three months probation , When it's done, it's done , Not in this life !” Wei Yue nodded .

In front of Wei Yue , Yinni calls Fanfan . Since then , Always keep a distance from the sails , There's no more time to act alone .

at weekends , Yinni made a phone appointment with Wei Yue , He basically doesn't come out ; Text message greetings sooner or later , And they rarely respond . Looking at the sweetness of roommates falling in love , Yini really can't feel , I'm in love .

For a month and a half , Yinni has another appointment , Finally, we met in the moat park . Wei Yue is still dead like that , There's no excitement , A traceless expression , Very few words . Yinni can't figure out what happened to the boy ?

wordless , Not warm, not fire , Not a fart , Yinni is going to lose her temper !

Three months , near 90 Time of day , Wei Yue invited me only once , There's almost no phone . Yinni didn't know how to comfort her bewildered heart !

The last meeting , I pulled my hand , I feel uncomfortable , Just let it go , Wei Yue's coolness , Let each other even have nothing to talk about .

On the way back to school , Yinni's heart is bitter ! Don't feel the other person's like or dislike , There's no way to prove it . This kind of loss of soul , It's really a pain !

I can't get into his world , I can't guess his mind , It's burning my heart , Speechless . Before leaving , Yinni looks at Wei Yue , Light said :“ You hug me , Is that OK ?”

Wei Yue was stunned , Or came forward and gently hugged ! Yinni can't bear the tears , replied :“ thank you !” And so on , Go back to school .

Back to school , It's Saturday night , Roommates make cocktails in the dormitory : ice 、 Liquor and Spirits 、 Sprite 、 Low alcohol vodka and other five materials , It's filled with three big stainless steel snack boxes .

drink , Sweet in the mouth ; Drink again , Addiction . Six girls in the middle of the morning , Different forms of paralysis in their beds , Call the person you want to call with your cell phone !

The boss calls his mother who hasn't seen him for a long time , The second one calls his brother in secret love , Old three calls her Beijing boyfriend , Old four calls the fiance of the selected pilot who even has to confiscate his phone number , Old five wakes up to clean the battlefield for everyone , Yinni calls Wei Yue .

“ Wei Yue , Have you ever liked me ?…… You're silent again , You leave without saying goodbye , You don't allow me to fall in love with other people , You want me to be your girlfriend , I've been waiting for you for a long time , But your attitude ?” The more yini talks, the more she collapses ,

“ Wei Yue , A three-month probation period , You volunteered twice , A phone call , A meeting . But we can't even hold hands , Why is it awkward ? It's because of you , You don't like it , Do you know? ? You never , Never liked ! Don't mess with me if you don't like it , I don't want to be like my mother , Live and die to keep a love , But it was ignored and trampled !” Yinni's mood collapsed , Cry loudly , My shoulders are shaking with runny nose , Crying out of breath .

Wei Yue just responded :“ I know you don't feel well , It's me ……”

Yinni didn't know how long she had been crying , For how long , Telling the grievance and suffocation in my heart , Wei Yue has been listening .

The cell phone is going to be dead , Yinni wiped her tears and snot , I got up and replaced the spare battery , OK, keep calling :“ Wei Yue , I'm telling you today , Let's say goodbye ! Knowing you can't open yourself up , But you have a hard time , I can't be so cold . I don't want to be held back by you , Waiting to speculate every day , It's too much ! Come if you want , Go where you want to walk , No one's feelings are so humble . I'm my own , Is not your ! What I like more , Out of control , It's better to lose it ! Goodbye !”

Yini who hung up , Crying in the quilt ! Love not , Who has changed ? I let go first , Why is it still so painful !

That year series , For some reason , Has been shelved . Thank you for your encouragement , I'm going to jump to write a chapter , Just for the memory that I don't know where to start !

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