My Jane is three years old

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Received this morning 《 Simple books 》 Platform “ Congratulations ”, from 2018 year 2 month 22 Daily registration Simple books Published the first article so far , my “ Jane Ling ” Three years old !


A gift from Jane's book

For three years , Accompanied by wechat readers and Jianyou , Spent more than a thousand happy days and nights . Jane book is better than me , I'm free with simple books . With the support and encouragement of readers and Jianyou , Write down the words 17 ten thousand 6, My original work 716 piece , Pursue ” Don't join , Not in the circle , To Jane book , To learn ” principle , I like it 8540 individual , Focus on 824 people , fans 687 people , The highest reading volume of a single article 1192, The minimum amount of reading is over 100 . For literature, Xiaobai is a layman , It's a smug achievement . Thanks to my wechat friends , Thank you, Jane , Thank you for the simple book platform !

I read simple books and articles randomly , I'll read it carefully , I like it , I'd like to leave a comment , The beginners should encourage , It's a boring slide . like Faint clouds A good elder sister who always corrects mistakes , like Sand boat Grounded 《 It's a matter of living 》, like Shi Leiyan Concise, rigorous and deep 《 history 》, like It's really ordinary Humor and in-depth discussion comments , like My heart is shallow I want to talk fast , Sense of humor , like Muyutang and Zhang Luo The poem of , like …… like …… I won't go into details one by one .

thank bac0007248cf、 The clouds , There are also several students , They sign up as if they're just here for me .

I don't have much time to read long articles , I suggest that if you can be simple, you can be simple , Can be short or short , It's better to keep it within 1000 or 2000 words . If there's a long story , Let's just Let's hear the decomposition next time . It ends with a doggerel .

《 Welcome to Jianshu 》

Brief introduction , To learn ,

History and reality are beneficial .

Life in the Humanities ,

Reading and writing makes sense .

I experienced in my childhood ,

Beautiful flowers in spring, summer, autumn and winter .

Family and workplace contacts ,

Help you in life .

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