Night running team

2021-02-23 02:40:19  作者:Photography

Weight loss is on the agenda , Running for the third day in a row .


Flying in the vast sky

The first day I went to the stadium to run ,400 Half run, half walk , Six kilometers , When I got home, a pair of grey shoes turned into grey shoes , It's all black ! Cinder paving is really dusty and dirty !

The next day, I went to Huanhu road by bike , Two kilometers in a circle , I was dragged by my little brother to run a circle and a half , I can't run any more !


The back wave pushes the front wave

Today, a little sister is ill , Another little sister didn't want to go out , I only asked a little sister out for a night run . Maybe because I've been running these two days , I'm not very tired after two laps , It's just another walk .

Run down in three days , It's aching all over the body , It just proves that my running is effective ! After that, increase the amount of exercise every day , Insist on going out for a walk every night , Lose weight as soon as possible . I also hope my little sisters can join the night running team , Show your thighs together in summer !


Spring is coming , Can the season of barefoot be far behind ?

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Life is like drinking water , affair .

We are always used to setting high expectations for our life , Add too much dreamy filter to the world . therefore , We tend to be busy all our lives , It's just hard and tired , There's no sense of happiness . People are like this , Once you have expectations of others in your heart , Will carry the burden of the heart , It will make you live a hard life . But the real world is cruel , Never put all your expectations on others , Because others have no obligation to fulfill your expectations . It's better to be trapped by expectations than to be forced , It's better to change yourself first , Live your own home .

Others seem to run faster than you , It's probably just that they ran earlier than you . Don't underestimate the power of time , Don't underestimate your power .