Jian you's Jielong poem (8)

2021-02-23 02:36:58  作者:Life journey

Yesterday, there were four friends in Jielong poem , Nicholas the frog III and Zhuang Zhuang received my poem .

Nicholas the frog III

( It starts with the word God )

Welcome the new year with fresh spirit ,

Spring blossoms scatter gold .

The world is shining with gold ,

The old cattle in the field work skillfully .


The land of China returns in spring ,

The afterlife is silent and the sky is warm .

The warm wind caresses everything ,

Full of vigor and vitality .

Wind and smoke follow the poem of Nicholas the frog III :

Wind and smoke

( Jieyun word )

Plough a field of bamboo books ,

The white flowers in the fields are blooming .

Yan zhaodielian just likes it ,

Praise Jane as a friend .

I take Zhuang Zhuang's poem :

Chu Yun in Jingzhou

( After Zhuang Zhuang's poems )

have a happy and warm reunion in the Spring Festival ,

Every year, every day .

It's a good spring ,

Good wine and greedy cup lie drunk sleep !


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( notes : There are two more songs that have not been entered .)

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