Adult learning

2021-02-23 02:34:03  作者:Life journey

The older you get, the more you find , It's not easy for adults to learn , But I have to learn , Because you already know that as long as people are doing, there is nothing they can't learn , Less luck, more effort , It's going to work .

The mechanism of exam oriented education is mainly teachers , Do you have any colleagues in sales , The company wants to recruit a new media , My colleague volunteered to change his job , The leader asked if he would , He said no, but he could learn , How long , He said a week .

So I bought a lot of books and put them on my desk , With a professional look . When it's time to hand over the work for a week, it won't work , The book is not finished .

Today's adult learning , It's about speed , The best way to speed up is to learn by teaching , To do first , If you have a problem, go to inquire , Go to consult the senior , Instead of reading slowly , It's fast to learn and use the skills now .

It's not that knowledge is boring , It's not a good expression , There's no way to learn .

There's time to do anything while you're young .

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