Recalling those days of traveling alone (2)

2021-02-23 02:17:12  作者:Photography

For travel , I've always believed in a word : Travel , The scenery along the way is very important , But it's more important who's around ; But if you go alone , Enjoy the scenery ! Maybe it's pathetic to say it , But fortunately , The scenery didn't disappoint me .

2019 year 2 month 17 Japan , Fairy lake botanical garden , Coordinates Shenzhen .2019 On the weekend of the first week after the Spring Festival , At the beginning of the New Year , Always want to have a good start , I just heard that the Hongfa temple in Xianhu botanical garden is very effective , therefore 17 In the early morning, the No.1 left before dawn —— I sincerely pray to Buddha in the morning .


The gate of Xianhu botanical garden



If I give you a chance to make your wish come true , What would you wish for ?

Maybe it's sweating all the time , It may also be because of the relaxed and free environment , At the end of the day, it's like thinking nothing , It's like thinking about all the unpleasant things and then letting them go , On the day , I feel very happy .