Journey to the West

2021-02-23 02:05:24  作者:Life journey

This life is extraordinary ,

Only to be alone at the bottom of the mountain .

Wait five hundred years for my master ,

Repay the West Apocalypse with kindness .

notes :

I'm not born out of any womb . I come from the aura of heaven and earth . I came out of a stone . I have no idea , How do I spend my life .

I thought I was great , But I've been in a lot of trouble . I made a big fuss in heaven , The Buddha pressed the five finger mountain at the foot of the mountain , To be punished alone .

One day in five hundred years , Guanyin Bodhisattva appeared before my eyes . She said that soon a holy monk will come from Datang to save me , And I need to protect him .

That day finally arrived . The eminent monk rescued me . In return , I worship him as my teacher , Accompany him to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures , Kill all the demons and ghosts on the way for him .

later , When the fruit is right , Think of it again , I found that there was a constant bond between me and my master . It's a silent call between us .

And this call comes from our deep understanding with each other and deep love between teachers and students .


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