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Master Wanxing ,15 I believe in Buddhism ,18 Become a monk at the age of ,20 In his teens, he was convinced that , Only when Buddhism is integrated into the public can it have vitality . Monks rely on compassion and willpower to maintain their Dharma body and wisdom .

Virtue is the foundation of life , Accumulate good and virtue .

Master Wanxing elaborated on this society of material desire expansion , This book is badly needed 《 Virtue all over the world 》.

It promotes kindness and love to the public , Reverence, humility and gratitude ; Open the way with morality , Perfect your personality ; Cultivate the right knowledge and view of life ; Moisten one's mind , So as to reach the highest level of Buddha's cultivation ——“ No I ”.

Master Wanxing said , The good deeds and virtues of Buddha are from “ House ” Starting with . He taught us to trust Buddhas and Bodhisattvas , Open your heart , Feel the energy field of the universe , Feel the energy field of a famous teacher ; Learn to put down , Inject fresh water .

Only she , That's what I got . This is the same as Dell in the United States . Carnegie's 《 Human weakness 》 It's a very similar view in China —— You are willing to praise each other , Willing to spend time listening to each other , The other person will naturally give you what you want .

《 The weakness of life 》 It's about the skills of being human and doing things , clothe “ Technique ” And achieve the goal , With master Wanxing “ Virtue ” There's a difference .

“ Technique ” It's skill , You can concentrate on learning , It's a learning ability .

and “ Virtue ” It's a kind of practice , Take practical actions to inspire all living beings , Create a peace for all living beings , Bring a harmony ; It's Xiu Fu Xiu De .

such as , A boss besides has certain knowledge and ability , It's especially important to convince people by virtue .

The boss needs a strong team and a dedicated staff , It's about cohesion , It's to convince people by virtue 、 The charisma of setting an example by virtue .

The lifeline of an enterprise is nothing more than integrity and product quality . And these two points have something to do with the behavior of business owners , It's directly related to his virtue .

Even if a boss's ability is not satisfactory , Still able to win people's hearts by virtue , Let one's virtue coordinate to get one's own heaven and earth .

A man of real virtue , With the wisdom and compassion of Bodhisattvas , Know how to bear the load ; Even in the face of adversity 、 Bad luck , Know how to repent , Don't complain 、 Don't connive ; Be strong ; Good thoughts , Build a good relationship to gain recognition and respect .

Let character be in your heart , Don't let others feel your pressure and threat , Keep a low profile , hide one 's candle under a bushel , Make people feel friendly 、 respectful , It won't get in the way of your development .

Such a person , Altruistic and selfish ; Strive to integrate life into Tao , It really shows the virtue .

All change is the same , Virtue , It's a boss's way of life “ Zhang Fang's sword ”.

We can't be more familiar with the great writers of the Internet 、 Novelist [ Jiang Kunyuan ][Link 1] The teacher is such a person with both ability and political integrity 、 The boss of a German company .

Master Wanxing said , The Tao does not coordinate , You'll be damned .

Master Wanxing thinks that , In the face of peer slander , The slander from the outside world and the disapproval of the believers , It's because moral cultivation is not in place , I don't deserve it ; So that you can feel that you are abiding by the commandments , Moral cultivation .

Practice is not good enough , It's because of habit , A lot of ,“ Self - ” heavy .

Buddhism 、 Taoism 、 Christianity advocates the realm of cultivation “ No I ” Beyond oneself , Be one with all things .

Buddha's “ No I ” It's the perfection of merit .

In the face of talent competition , Besides knowledge 、 Out of talent , Western religious belief is still particular about “ Technique ”, There are intrigues in it , Racial discrimination and religious differences .

Buddha stresses the competition of character , The competition of moral cultivation ; Mutual benefit , Live in peace ; Call for the peaceful development of all mankind .

Master Wanxing also said , To learn Buddhism, we need to be careful , Act according to the law of cause and effect . As experience deepens , People of practice should keep their awareness , Challenge yourself , Make yourself more and more courageous 、 wisdom , Keep your awareness 、 More and more vigilance .

The only way is to fix it “ Virtue ” Only in this way can we correctly deal with the support of believers who are greedy for quick profits , Learn to accept blessings , What's more, we should learn to donate and get the good news .

Master Wanxing also talked about his writing works from his character . He said , Your work is public , Let all living beings be willing to read and participate in the evaluation review , This in itself is a kind of wisdom and experience, which has reached a certain height .

After the release of the works after finishing 、 modify 、 Refine , So as to get more people's acceptance 、 Recognize and love , Experience that can stand up to history can be passed down through the ages .

Master Wanxing takes his own experience as an example , He said that he posted a poem he had written on his microblog , Let's make comments and suggestions , Find the basis for his further revision , Find out the unknown problem .

Face your weaknesses or mistakes , Instead of suffering , It's better to work hard to cultivate moral character .

A person who studies Buddhism and morality should be willing to give up face and dignity , So that they can be inspired and promoted , Faster accumulation of the positive energy field of Germany .

Master Wanxing often says to the permanent residents of Donghua temple :“ I can tolerate you doing wrong , But I can't stand you not doing things .”

Awareness in error , There must be no inertia , Be bold to be enlightened .

All these Analects just deepen what I said to master Xuemo “ Keep the truth and rest falsely , Make progress now . Culture as a medium , Act for the public ” The understanding of the .

Cultivation depends on individuals , These three steps ultimately depend on one's own step-by-step awareness .

1. Accumulate good and do good , Enlightened and broken .

2. Observe the heart and keep the truth , Get rid of delusions .

3. Hold on to it , Beyond oneself .

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