Changing yourself is the only way out

2021-02-23 02:03:25  作者:Life journey

I :“ I see myself in her , You will never be free if you give in . Fight , Fight for just freedom !

It takes courage and courage to fight , It's a temporary pain . There will never be a day without struggle , It's a lifetime of suffering . Only by fighting can we regain our confidence and confidence , It's not as bad as you think ! Premise is , Our economy should be independent .

The limit of cowardice is to fight , I just have to be strong . Don't be called “ Love ” Kidnap , It was a bone deep injury .”

Not to mention her , Just say myself .

This paragraph “ unkind ” I read an article and then I read it , Without any hesitation .

After 31 years of marriage , I should also have a clear logic of marriage .

Now, when I say this , It's so powerful , What kind of marriage did I have before ?

My marriage looks good , His father is diligent and thrifty , A typical homesick man .

It's just , At that time, I didn't have any freedom to go out , Because of timidity ; And because he won't let me .

also ……

In limine , I found that the bets of marriage are doomed to be less than ideal , So I dare not complain 、 regret , Just want to influence 、 Change each other …… However , All intentions are in vain 、 In vain .

Natural cowardice determines my destiny of being suppressed after marriage , It's not all his fault .

Marriage can not match love , It exists more because of need .

Divorce is not advocated to solve conflicts , Solve the problem . If you want to change your destiny , You have to be strong and independent , Not dependent on each other .

He can do whatever he likes , As long as you're ok with yourself , There's nothing to worry about ?

I've been alone in the sorrow of marriage , Even if he cut a bloody hole in my face with a long knife rest , At the same time, it is deeply rooted in my numb heart .

Everything , Never let the family know . Worry too much , For children , For his kind family , And for him . He was suspicious because of his inferiority 、 anxious , Also because I don't love and lack of security ……

All sins , It's all with me , It's my ignorance 、 Calming things down and conniving at his own troubles .

He has no fear , Until one day I sued myself to my family , My daughter, who is not always around us, warned him , Divorce is a viable thing , He had to restrain his ferocious face .

This is the time , It's when I know how to protect myself , But I still want to change him , Let him come to my heart countless times , But he just wanted to control me .

My salary card is always with him .

that , What's the problem ?

After more than 20 years of painful entanglement , I finally understand : My confusion , My despair comes from the difference of spiritual level , also , He's too possessive , Give me physical and mental violence .

So I often want to run away from him , Try to get away from him in spirit .

Because I just need to take him one step closer , He just wanted to suppress me .

How can he feel my feelings and love my soul with different frequencies ?

He doesn't understand at all , I am an independent body , Is a person who has his own thoughts and hobbies .

He should focus on his own soul rather than all of his family . My children are often treated the same way I do , And I had to do my best to protect , I can't make my children feel inferior 、 Autistic .

He is always in a state of great anxiety —— He mistook me for his private property .

Maybe , He needs a psychologist ? But from the current situation , I'm in a much better position , He gave up his daughter's suggestion .

And alert me , Ask for spiritual independence , Try to keep a distance from him with a fearless attitude , In order to exclude 、 Resist his spam —— He would talk about boring topics endlessly every day —— He was extremely afraid of being alone .

Thank him in the end , Let me learn to think about life , Thinking 、 Growing through reflection .

And thank him for respecting my reading 、 The hobby of writing . Because reading , Learn to write , I dare to express my true and firm thoughts , No longer allow him to insult my personality and abuse too much 、 Interrogation .

He still doesn't know his right or wrong , But I know , Many problems are also my own .

Last , I also want to say , If you have the energy to toss your marriage around , It's better to understand yourself 、 Love yourself —— I give myself a love that will last till death !

in other words , All by oneself , Solve your own problems ; Give yourself a sense of security !

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