be ashamed! Still thinking about whether or not to insist on the day more

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At the completion of 200 In the future , I've been thinking about whether or not to insist on day shift , I have been relaxing and indulging in hesitation . Even so , I don't want to write in the daytime , But in the evening, I can't help but pick up my mobile phone to write .

Every time I write in such a hurry , Conscience can torture itself , And I'm sorry for that .

This is also the reason why I don't forward my articles to the writing group recently .

I think the article I wrote yesterday is still unsatisfactory , Running in the morning , There's a lot to think about :

Ah ! The waves in life need to be calmed by the illusion of kindness . The stage of life , true , It's not you playing ; It's me ; I want to dance my best part . But what is my practice doing ? Struggling in confusion …… Let's play it ! A short life .

Through the towering canopy of trees , Looking east , In such a geographical location is doomed to see the sunrise , But I'm still used to seeing the earliest 、 The dawn of color is most likely to appear .

It carries the mission of the sun , Under the gray sky , Is struggling to rise out of a slightly faint yellow glow to , But , Before long, he was dragged in by the grey curtain like cloud .

The ground is a little wet , There was no fog , I just feel that the air is a little damp 、 Be dignified .

There are some birds whispering , It's not like the kind of song that heralds a sunny day . One of the birds , Alone for a long time , It's like telling the grudge in my heart .

It won't clear up today .

My heart seems to be covered with a thick layer of dust , As thick as this cloud , Tangled like this bird .

Since you can disdain the chicken feather in the family , Why not remove the dust from your heart , Let your heart be as fresh and beautiful as the pure sky ?

When it comes to purity , Think of waking up in the morning , seen [ Jiang Kunyuan ][Link 1] The teacher's Gengwen 《[ The book of the world ][Link 2]》, red dust , The company of books .

He is the clear wind and bright moon in Jane's book , It's the most beautiful cloud in the pure sky .

Should I do my part ? Do that wisp of warm spring breeze ?

Let me wander under the blue sky and white clouds , It's better to make your heart happy and peaceful than anything .

Don't think about the article you wrote yesterday , Write and write . How do you know your fault if you don't write it out ?

Buddha said , Do it and put it down , No more entanglement . Since life is a classroom , I just finished a composition .

It's time to go , What should be left . In practice , Who doesn't use their own knife to cut happy , Remove the dirt from the heart ?

Learn to speak less first , Read more and take notes , Reflection and precipitation are the main factors .

When I thought I had finished writing this article , I saw teacher Zhou Weiying's message :“ Don't ban words , Write more .”

Didn't reply in time , Let's reflect on ourselves first :“ What kind of mentality can I adjust to study ?

The meaning of writing is to offer sunshine and rain to others , Don't talk about your own difficulties and setbacks , You can't leave your tiredness between the lines , I can't hurt myself .

How to turn anger into dew ? these , Can I do it ?”

I'm very ashamed ! I'm still thinking about , Do you want to insist on daily change ?

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