On artistic creation

2021-02-23 01:54:59  作者:Life journey


It's a whim today , Draw a picture with software ( Picture town building ).

I don't think we should be too strict with a novice .

So I excitedly sent it to my good sisters .

sister 1—— What? This is ?

I : art !

Then she gave me a death smile , And ask me : What do you think? ?

I : What's the matter , I just want to explore the artistic cells in my body .

sister 1: It took you a few minutes to draw it ?

emm...... Good! , Pierce to the heart of the matter .

sister 2—— What is this ?( The magic thing is that two people you don't know ask the same question .)

I : This is my first work ! It's art !

sister 2: Is this the moon ?

I :?????? Can't you see ?

sister 2: Too ugly , Insulted “ art ”.

I ......

They are definitely the stumbling blocks for me to run to the road of art !!!

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