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Today, according to wolf's wish , Let the wolf father send him to his sister's house . Am I liberated by this ?

The sun is very soft , Mood as if by the spring brilliant into the boundless sea , There are sparkling ripples lazily .

Think of [ Splendid ][Link 1] The beautiful and elegant articles I wrote , Talk about the leisure in time , Reverie in time ; And her constant thoughts , And her endless artistic conception 、 Peace of mind and complex .

I? ? Can I write her Zen poetry ? Obviously not. .

Leaning against the door , I hope the ripe red leaves on the camphor tree will fall slowly , There are many straight young leaves on the crown , The red and tender leaves have turned green .

Really is , Look down like autumn leaves , But spring sprouts .( What my son said , I sort out , It feels like .)

Just a little bit of leisure and elegance , Since I can't read books , I don't want to sing , Let's have a go on go date .

I think of my best friend , I asked to see a movie as soon as I came back from my mother's house yesterday afternoon .

“ Just had lunch , Just want to doze off ; Not coming . Miss me ? We'll get together some other day .”

She always has programs every day , I can't live up to myself ; I don't have to accommodate her .

Girl two is not free today , But I just want to find a 、 Two of you , I hope my best friend is young . She likes steak and coffee , Decided to go to bond .

Don't worry , Make a call to bond ; Be informed of , In business , No need to book .

My best friend is a typical dozer , I won't wake up until after nine in the morning , I have to sleep at noon .

Good , It's half past nine , Let's make an agreement first . After lunch , She sleeps her , I can read in the afternoon .

Thinking about it , Just send her a video :“ Such a beautiful sun , Get dressed up , I'll treat you to steak . I'll see you at 11:30 .”

Sure enough , Still lying in bed playing with cell phones !

“ poor ” My beauty ! Sing every day “ To lose weight ” , The result is , The less you lose, the fatter you get .

“ You see , I've gone from double digits to triple digits ——106 Jin .” She said .

“ It doesn't matter , Still beautiful .” She just wanted some comfort ? I give .

No need to comfort ! At the end of spring and the beginning of summer , She took her life to do aerobics , Until you lose weight .

Why bother ? Is it that hard to keep proper exercise and a regular life ? I have to toss so hard ?

“ This is the rhythm of young people , Go to bed at twelve in the evening , From twelve in the morning , You don't understand the rhythm of people's life .”

My daughter's words are a little exaggerated , Well, she's not lucky to be used to this “ young ” Trouble .

It's so old , About eating , How to talk about weight loss ?

“ I'll be there at 11:30 , Come with your daughter ! Wait for you .”

Knowing that her daughter won't join us for a date dinner , Let's just say ; Maybe she would like to come , This girl is a beauty .

Gossip , Order mode —— Fried beef ribs 、 Steaks 、 Cappuccino , What kind of seafood soup , I didn't remember the name .

Just a small bowl of soup 68 element , You have a reason to be expensive .

Moreover, , I always want to taste what I haven't eaten .

After ordering something delicious , He took master Wanxing's book out of his bag 《 Virtue all over the world 》 To read , It's time to read 64 page , It says :

“ Whether a person's heart is peaceful or not , Is it noble and elegant , Just look at his actions and details in his life .”

ah ! this “ Quiet and serene 、 Noble and elegant ” Isn't that what I want to pursue ?

Think back to this year's reading and learning to write , It's just for you to get one “ Quiet and serene ” From my heart .

This is my mindfulness .

I didn't want to learn Buddhism by myself , Because the first step to learn Buddhism is to learn “ House ”, I can't do it yet .

however , I've been thinking about :“ When you know how to appreciate all the good things , I should know that I have already taken it ? Since there are demands , Then you have to give up ?”

Think so , Right or wrong ?……

Now , My best friend arrived happily , I had to let go of her uninterested thoughts ; Back to the ordinary life .

[Link 1]: https://www.jianshu.com/u/c684227b8184

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