The train for spring crashed

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In the afternoon, a video burst every group and circle of friends , You can see it in the video , Rail transit 2 The train on line is running , From Fotuguan station to Daping station , There is a voice broadcast in the video. The station is Daping station , There's a drone coming up :


Come face to face

Pull up and fly over the top of the train when it's going to head-on , But it's too fast , Contact with train due to improper operation , Then it made a sound, which scared the staff in the cab , Then the train stopped .


Video capture

And then , According to the news released by CCDI rail group , It happened in 22 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 around , after , There is a temporary stop between Fotuguan station and Daping station , After investigation , The train is undamaged , No impact on operation .

  • This site is also near the clock out point of the hot train to spring , It's been a crowd lately , There is an endless stream of people and tourists to take photos and punch in .
     It's really beautiful 

The crash should also be caused by improper operation when a tourist released the UAV for shooting .

I don't know when to start ,“ Clock in ” The word is becoming popular in the circle of friends ,
“ Clock in ” The word comes from the workplace , The original intention is “ The staff put the time card on the magnetic card machine to record the time of work and off work ”. But after spreading on the Internet , I've seen it before , It's the same as sign in , It's like a daily behavior , I know 、 Yes 、 I came here today , Record your actions .

  • We-Media 、 Driven by short video , Chongqing also has a lot of Internet Celebrities “ Clock in ” The earth . The local people also began to have a variety of daily activities “ Clock in ”, All kinds of uncivilized behaviors have been repeatedly exposed , What? Over the fence to see the flood ; Climbing a tree and taking pictures , These are usually stopped by people now , This kind of phenomenon is relatively less and less .
  • “ Clock in ” Of course, the equipment is constantly upgraded , By mobile phone 、 The SLR has been upgraded to the current UAV .
  • Go out with friends on holidays , There's always one or two of them with drones , Take it out from time to time , Take a video . At this time, my uncle is eager to try .
  • To tell the truth , The price of a UAV to meet the daily needs of this kind of shooting is not high . But the security risk is still very big . Whether it's the business or the government, it's also necessary to regulate it , Such as operation training , It can only be used after passing the examination , Another example is to severely punish those who are affected by such violations .
  • Or that sentence , Life is getting better and better , The income is getting higher and higher , Can we also improve our quality !
  • In Chongqing dialect, it means : You can't dirty the spots of Chongqing people !
     My sofa is real leather again 

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