Like silence, is the beginning of real maturity

2021-02-23 01:54:12  作者:Life journey

Everyone will encounter all kinds of hardships in this world , The road of growth will not be plain sailing . It's often mixed . Some people are full of flowers , Some people are quiet , You don't have to envy people . Need to know , Compare with others , It's really limiting your growth , The shackles of maturity .

“ If you want to get rid of trouble, you must have no self , Don't envy people for their own reasons .”


Want to be really mature , You have to like it first “ silence ”.

I often hear people say :“ silence , Is a person's biggest cry .”

mean , The reason why people choose silence , It's life that has worn away the edges and corners , It's a compromise between the world and life , It's a sad thing .“ silence ” It seems to have become “ lonely ” One of the spokesmen for .


However , I don't think so . In a positive mental and physical state , If you become more and more silent , More and more don't want to talk , This is not cowardice , It's not a compromise , It means , You look down on a lot of things , Look down on a lot of people , You become more and more mature .

No one cares how you suffer in the middle of the night , No one cares how many years you have to endure , Outsiders look only at the results , And I'm on my own .

Don't let yourself be someone you hate , This is the road to maturity .

therefore , As we get older , I like to be quiet and alone .

Really mature people , Understanding the past is like running water . The best state of life , Maybe it's in the world of money and paper , In my heart, I plant chrysanthemum .


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