38 year old woman to 24-year-old boy bold courtship, the boy said a word, she collapsed on the spot

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“ There is always a walk in life , Also want to have a desperate love ”, This sentence inspires many people to devote themselves to the vigorous love .

But some people are too blind , There's a big gap between them and their partners , At the same time, I don't know enough about the object of love , In this case, they are desperate to fall in love with each other , It often ends in failure .

Zhang Li is such a poor woman , she 38 year , She fell in love 24 Old man Du PENGYUAN , She made a bold courtship to Du PENGYUAN , Du PENGYUAN said a word , She broke down on the spot , What's going on here ?


Zhang Li is from Zhengzhou, Henan Province , She had an unfortunate marriage , My ex husband did something sorry for her ,35 She chose to divorce when she was 15 . After the divorce, she was divided into several houses , She didn't go out to work , She lives on rent .

That failed marriage hit Zhang Li a lot , For quite a long time, she kept herself at home , Don't go shopping , I don't deal with outsiders , She's a glutton , Weight goes up in a straight line .

Later, a guy named Du PENGYUAN came to rent a house , Du PENGYUAN's appearance liberates Zhang Li from the pain , Rekindled the hope of life for her .

Du PENGYUAN was 24 year , He works in a company , He's handsome , energetic , There is always a big smile on my face , He made a very good impression on Zhang Li .


Du PENGYUAN lives downstairs , Zhang Li lives upstairs , They became neighbors , Meet every day , They get to know each other .

Du PENGYUAN has nothing to do after work , He often chats with Zhang Li , He also tried to amuse Zhang Li .30 For many years, no man has ever treated Zhang Li so kindly , Zhang Li gradually has a good feeling for Du PENGYUAN .

Du PENGYUAN has a sweet mouth , When we were together, he took one bite at a time “ The elder sister ”, This kind of address shortens the distance between two people .

That day, Zhang Li accidentally asked Du PENGYUAN a question :“ What kind of girlfriend are you looking for in the future ?” Du PENGYUAN blurted out :“ I'm looking for a woman like my sister .” This sentence makes Zhang Li's heart blossom , She thinks that Du PENGYUAN is not just talking about it , He must like her very much .


With this psychological setting , Zhang Li is much better to Du PENGYUAN , She will get rid of Du PENGYUAN's rent , Give Du PENGYUAN money , She often makes all kinds of delicious food for Du PENGYUAN .

The most she does during the day is to look up at the watch on the wall , She is looking forward to the time passing quickly , So that Du PENGYUAN can get off work early and meet her .

Zhang Li completely fell in love with Du PENGYUAN because of her 38 On my birthday .

That night Du PENGYUAN called Zhang Li to his room , He turned off all the lights , Then take Zhang Li to the table , He lit the birthday candle and asked Zhang Li to make a wish , He also sang a happy birthday song for Zhang Li .

Zhang Li is very happy , Although Du Peng is much younger than her 14 year , But she had a strong affection for the young man . What makes her more happy is , Du PENGYUAN actually said :“ I like you .”


Zhang Li is a woman who lacks love , Du PENGYUAN's appearance opened a door of love for her , She fell in love with Du PENGYUAN without hesitation , And out of control .

And then she started to make up , Wearing all kinds of beautiful clothes , She dresses herself up every day , She also insists on losing weight , She lost weight in half a year 20 Many jins , She wants to be better and better , Only in this way can she be worthy of Du PENGYUAN .

That day, Zhang Li felt that the time was right , She made a bold courtship to Du PENGYUAN , She said :“ Xiaoyuan , I fell in love with you , As long as you promise to marry me , There are two houses in our city , I can add your name .”

Facing Zhang Li's confession, Du PENGYUAN retreated , He hesitated for a long time and said :“ The elder sister , I grew up short of maternal love , You have my mother's shadow on you , We don't fit , We can't get married .”


Zhang Li can't accept this reality in any case , She broke down on the spot , I was crying , She begged Du PENGYUAN again and again , But Du Yuanpeng said :“ The elder sister , I used to just make you happy , You misunderstood me , I'm moving out tomorrow .”

Eileen Chang said that :“ It only takes two things to forget a person : Time and new love ”. Zhang Li has been seriously hurt in her feelings , She couldn't get out of the shadow of divorce , After Du PENGYUAN appeared, her dead heart gradually woke up .

Du PENGYUAN is young and handsome , full of youthful spirit , He also asked about her , All kinds of Hospitality , Zhang Li mistook Du PENGYUAN's kindness to her for love , Although their ages are quite different , There is a big gap between status and status , But for this so-called “ love ” She decided to go all out for once .


She gets along with Du PENGYUAN day and night , d. , She is enjoying the happiness and sweetness of this love , Experiencing this hard won happiness and surprise , She is immersed in the illusory love , She fancied that she was the luckiest person .

Dreams will break one day , When her confession was rejected , She fell from the cloud to the bottom , The huge contrast left her at a loss . If she had been more careful , Be rational , Be realistic , Face her relationship with Du PENGYUAN correctly , She will never be hurt emotionally again . I hope she learns from this , Don't make the same mistake again .

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