I'll take care of you. It's like taking care of myself

2021-02-23 01:50:46  作者:Photography

I love cats , Before having Liang Xiaoman , Its name has been up early , And I never had the courage to really have a cat , When I can't take care of myself .


I'd rather believe that this milky little English is a gift from heaven , It didn't give me time to think , It's like before I opened the door , It's already sitting in my house . This illusion continues to this day , Especially every evening when I come home from work , It must be this sleepy kitten crawling lazily out of the nest , Step on the swing pace to the door to meet me .

It came all of a sudden , Kicked out of my mind “ Cloud sucks cat ” Imagination of , To tell me the truth, this furry little guy is a man with sharp claws , Poop stinks , Hairless, wayward little animals , From now on ,“ Cloud cat ” It's no longer those cute little girls who suck ——

“ How to keep the cat out of the bedroom ”“ How to make cat sleep in cat's nest ”“ How not to let the cat scratch the sofa ”“ How to make a cat more intimate ” Become the key words of buying books and knowing . Online said “ How clean the house is , Cats are as clean as they are ”, The book says “ I want to teach cats not to go anywhere , Don't give it an environment ”…… The frequency of mopping becomes “ everyday ”, The disinfectant at home is used up in a very short time , The tea table has become smooth , There seems to be more room in the empty space of the sofa …… When you type this text , I suddenly feel that my home is more tidy than before , I patted my cat with satisfaction .

A lot of days when I was hungry and full , You can't live with it anymore , So I want to get up and trade cat food on Sundays when I'm sleepy , Hold your nose and stand up “ cat owner ” My post , The sleepers swept away , Just wash up by the way , And have a good breakfast .

The dependence of cats on people is different from the relationship between people , Maybe it's because of weakness , Its trust is always sweeter , More so , Once you fail, you will blame yourself . When Xiaoman has ringworm , I checked so much information , Finally, I can only admit that my feeding is not enough , Listen to his scream when he's shaved , When this trembling little fellow fell into my hand , I only have pity in my mind , Such a good kitten is because of being with me ……

Out of the fast falling home nutrition , Split in two , It eats and I eat , These bottles and cans that I entered earlier for my own beauty , I can't remember , But because of living with cats , I have to replenish the goods on a regular basis , We're thinking about it day by day , Work hard , Both can grow up healthily .

Maybe cats will make me a better person , In every moment when I need to do something for it . obviously , This sentence is full of my “ Wishful thinking ”, But good growth should not be like this , Active and enthusiastic ~