2021-02-23 01:50:38  作者:Photography

Folded thousand paper cranes , One , Two ……

In a dusty bookcase

The paper crane is full of small words

Fuzzy handwriting

It's a yellowing memory

It's a piece of paper that used to be in a notebook

Silently watching the raindrops on the window lattice

wind , Hyacinth swaying on the windowsill

Aimless and casual

Let the air flow in the room at will

It's boring and boring

All of a sudden , The clear bell rings

Oh ! It turned out to be the wind chime hanging by the curtain

Not willing to be quiet at the moment

Gently stir up the thousand paper crane's meditation

Do you want to fly ?

Do you want to fly the story between the lines ?

The wind chime put forward a question to the thousand paper cranes

fly ……?

Oh ! Yes !…… I really want to fly !

You can help me , Help me fly to the boundless sky !

Let me release the memory buried in my heart

Let me find the meaning of life

Also let my soul no longer lonely !

One by one 2021 year 2 month 22 Japan