Zhenze ancient town: an unusual journey

2021-02-23 01:50:33  作者:Photography


Sunday , The highest temperature has reached 26 degree , This is not early spring , It's early summer ! Because of the Spring Festival holiday , This weekend is just one day off , This precious day can't live up to , Take advantage of the fine weather , My best friend Xiao Hong asked me out , Let's go to Zhenze ancient town .

Zhenze has been there countless times , The route of each walk is basically the same . Get in the parking lot outside town , Over the high Yuji bridge , All the way to pagoda Street .

I bought snacks in Renchang snack shop , Cross the bridge from the head of the bridge . Slowly around the river , You can buy some dried black tofu along the way . If there is enough time , Just find a teahouse by the river for a cup of tea , Sit down and have a rest , Look at the wild eye , Be in a daze .

If time is too late , All the way back along the river , Go straight to the parking lot , This trip to the ancient town is over .


This time, , We do the opposite , No Yuji bridge , All the way west . Because I came to Zhenze for an interview last winter , Sister Jianhong took me to buy beautiful and affordable new clothes , Xiao Hong is envious , This time I was specially asked to take her to buy new clothes .

Take Xiaohong to buy clothes , You can't miss it when you walk by . Isn't this new skirt age reducing ? Ever since I became Auntie Kim , There are only two basic requirements for buying clothes : Thin 、 Age reduction !


Buy new clothes , I have eaten meat and oil in Renchang , My companion said , We should take a different road this time , All the way west , Go and see Zhenze's real old street .

My little friend pointed it out to me , This bridge , It's one of the most famous people in Zhenze “ Bridgehead ”, The center of the ancient town . Zhenze people have a dispute , It's customary to say : I'll go to the bridge with you to talk about cool ! Moral: let's evaluate the truth .



Further forward , Under the Cinnamomum camphora trees, there is a temporary bridge with iron frame and wooden board , Across the bridge , It's the famous Ciyun perfume factory . At the gate of the factory, there is a carved Ciyun tower and Yuji bridge . Take a closer look at , The name plate at the door has been removed , But the imprint is clearly visible . It's like the factory no longer exists , But the name will always remain in the memory of Zhenze people .





Along the way , There are still many old houses on this street , Although we can see the traces of painting decoration , But the mark of the past is still there . I used to live in an old house like this when I was a child , It's very kind to see . although , I know it's inconvenient to live in it , No sanitation , Air leaks everywhere , The four evils are rampant , It's not as clean and refreshing as the present apartment .


The former church of Christ , Now the iron gate is closed . Take a few pictures across the fence .



Zhenze middle school , The most famous place in Zhenze town . Nearly a hundred years of history , How many excellent talents have come out of here . About the relocation of the school , And this year's reopening , Right and wrong , Opinions vary . The good news is , This year's new term , The old school is finally looking forward to the new opening .





How many times I have passed Yuji bridge , It's the first time that this sifan bridge at the west end of the town has passed . These two bridges are like sisters of a mother , They stand at the East and West ends of the Luotang river , stand far apart facing each other .

Sister Jianhong once wrote a novel , The question is 《 Under the sifan bridge 》, It's about a group of Zhenze people who live by sifan bridge , It's very vivid and interesting . therefore , I didn't cross the sifan bridge , But I've known the name for a long time .

Go to sifan bridge , It's sunset , The red setting sun covered the river , The ancient town is quiet , Years static good . Make a shape on the bridge , A half day tour of the ancient town is over .