Parrot Avenue

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Parrot Avenue

The street , Out of order and everyday ,

Engraved with the colorful tension of the holiday ,

Dreams grow in the sand

Said Sumi ——

“ My thoughts are too deep in my dream ,

And reality forces me to run , In hiding

“ The reality of the dream ?”

“ The reality of the dream .”

Everything flourishes and decays , The plants sing in the clear

The hasty steps interweave the sleepiness in the afternoon

We are in the world

In their respective longitudes and latitudes , Regardless of the heat and cold of the world

Books say ——

“ I love you only for your silence ,”

“ It seems to have nothing to do with other people .”

Close the book , Get out of the plot

From this moment to today's sunset ,

“ It's like it never ends , Eternal sunset .”

From sunset to forever in my heart

“ specious , And forever as if to be or not to be .”

The more I understand , In fact, nothing can make me happy

That's true. , True loneliness is a ship

Cold old ship , There is no shore to moor

That's true. , Say goodbye to the last me sooner or later

Although there is not much memory left

But how ever left that Epiphyllum like process ?

In the darkest years , I haven't met the loveliness of the world

I only met you like love words

Sweet sorrow , Green onions are hot

2021.2.12 The white of crows

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