Vegetables in cold winter

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As a child , There is a vegetable garden behind my old house . summer , Father planted eggplant 、 chili 、 Pumpkin and other vegetables . The long eggplant , Steam on a rice cooker , Steam and tear into thin strips of eggplant , Add a little soy sauce and salt while it's hot , It tastes delicious , It's a good meal . winter , My father planted spinach 、 Big green vegetables , And radishes 、 Green garlic, etc , That green vegetable garden , To be the support of the whole family .

My parents raised four of us , My mother has been weak and ill , Can't take part in heavy agricultural labor , It's all on my deaf father's farm, with a small income , As a result, food rations are often interrupted , You can't open a pot . In the village , My family is an overdraft account every year .

One winter , It's very cold , It snowed heavily , The ground is white . Mother is lying in bed , Pale face , There's no blood at all . I came to my mother's bed ,“ mom , I'll call a barefoot doctor to help you .” The mother replied with difficulty :“ A: no, no , Mom's an old problem , It'll be OK to lie down for a few days .” Every time my mother gets sick, she always goes through this , Hang on , Actually, I can't afford to see a doctor . Looking at my mother lying in bed , I am helpless , Also very melancholy , I can't think of any way at the moment .

Suddenly I thought of the big vegetables in the garden behind my house , You can go into the city and sell some for some money .

Come to the vegetable garden , A chill came on my face , I have a knife in one hand , Flick the snow away with one hand , Take the vegetables one by one , Put it in the basket . Two baskets of vegetables , The cold snow froze my hands .

At that time, I was still very thin , A load of vegetables on my shoulder , It feels very heavy , But thinking of my mother lying in bed suffering from illness , It's hard to hold back , Step by step towards the city .

Snowflakes are flying , drifting profusely and disorderly , There are few pedestrians on the road , I walk with one foot deep and one foot shallow , The old liberation shoes on the feet are wet through .

stop-and-go , pant for breath , About half an hour , Just walk to the bridge . I rest the vegetable load on the bridge , Keep your head shut , Waiting for the city people passing by to buy vegetables . An old woman looked at the dishes in my basket and asked :“ How much is it ?”“ A dime .” I answered in a low voice .“ Why do you have to sell such a wet dish for a dime ?” She left without looking back . It took a long time to sell a single vegetable , It's getting late , My heart can't help fretting .

I heard people in the village say , There are many people on the Gaoqiao bridge , Can sell well , So he picked up the burden and went to gaoqiaotou in a hurry . I walked for about half an hour , Just got to Gaoqiao . Many people come and go on the Gaoqiao bridge , A load of vegetables you a Jin I a Jin , Soon sold . With 3 More yuan , A stone in my heart finally landed . The smell of pig's head meat from Du sanjhen's marinade restaurant at gaoqiaotou , It makes me swallow , But thinking of my mother in bed , How dare I ask , Just keep going all the way home .

More than 40 years have passed , Every winter when it snows , I always think of the past , Think of the village 、 The fields and the road to the city , And the big green vegetables , And the smile on my mother's face when I came back from selling vegetables .

( This article has been published in Yangzhou evening news “ Dongguan Street ” The version )

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