Early spring February

2021-02-23 01:24:27  作者:Clap freely

Early spring February , Day by day the sun is warm up , On both sides of the Yellow River , South of the Yangtze River , It's already blooming . This is the time , The heating in the north can't stop yet , The heating will last until 4 Mid month , After all, it's still cold in spring . It's the most comfortable time inside and outside the house , Just wait for another spring rain , It won't be long before the land in my hometown turns green .

It's sunny outside , After the Spring Festival, the first weekend holiday made the town's squares and squares lively , People seem to have made an appointment , They take their children to fly kites , It's fun for adults and children .

Because there's only one day off , In terms of time management , I prefer to stay at home and do something .

The house is full of light , The temperature is right , The flowers on the balcony are growing well . Every year , The flowers bought before the Spring Festival will at least bloom until 3、4 month . Flower cultivation , Flowers are just like books , Will bring infinite pleasure to the spirit .

Buy flowers , grow flowers , Marvel at flowers , Pat flowers , It's one of my pleasures in early spring and February . Because of them , Chunguang enters the humble room , It's not lonely .


Immortal flowers • Lu Chunning photography


Orchids • Lu Chunning photography


Longevity flower • Lu Chunning photography


triangle plum • Lu Chunning photography

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