When love is no longer minute

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2010 May day of the year , I said on Douban that I would go to Xiamen to have a look , Some people don't ?

That's what I imagined many times in those years when I went out alone , The first real run away .

Kundera said , A person has to leave his place for a walk after a period of time , Look at the familiar and used environment in a new position .

I was just feeling sick , And enough courage .

I saw an email the next day , Her family is in Xiamen , I can play with you .

When I got to Xiamen , She has met me at the gate of the airport .

She's beautiful .

Short hair , Pink sweater , Blue Capris .

Before we come here qq I've talked a lot , About love , About life , About work and family .

She said , If I marry someone , I will serve him comfortably .

Life if only as first see .

For the next ten years to the present , She's still her .

She takes care of my family by herself , I'm busy outside , She works at home .

The beauty of Gulangyu , The Zen of Nanputuo , The spirit of Huli mountain , A lot of details , The middle way , I have gradually forgotten , I only remember the beach behind the Hulishan fort , The wooden plank road of calligraphy square ; I only remember the song that you are my eye , I just remember putting my hand in hers , Walk slowly . When all the wooden plank roads are finished, I open my eyes , I found the surprised eyes in her beautiful face at sunset . She said , Why do you trust me so much , You can walk so far with me for so long ? I said I didn't know , I walked a long way to get here by myself , Maybe I'm too tired .

Until now, every time someone asks me how you met your wife ? I said that's how I got to know each other . Maybe I was captured by her , I think .

When I left, she asked me , You just left , When can we meet again next time ? I said, , I don't know either , I'll miss you , I would be very sad .

The one who has lost his soul , There's nothing else , If there's a date, then , How can it be so painful ?

At that time, I really didn't know when I could see you again .

After that time , In the shadow of time , Between the shadows , It's full of our missing each other .

We have an agreement , Call each other at noon every day , Every day after work, I will tell each other what I saw and heard today , Every month , There are festivals, there are holidays, there are no holidays , We all need to meet . This habit , I'm still married . It became a part of my life . Every day at lunch break , I instinctively take out my cell phone , Call her . Sometimes she can't get , Because she might be feeding the baby , Maybe doing the laundry , Maybe busy with something else , I'll be nervous and ask the property manager to go home and have a look , And then she said I was insane .

She seemed to be convinced from the beginning that we could go on . If there is to be a leader in every love , So she is undoubtedly our leader . Since we've been together for a long time, there have been some differences , Later, I had some unpleasantness with my family , She never gave up on me . She loves me , Very determined love . So she was determined .

Every couple goes to the end of their marriage , There will be such and such unhappiness along the way , actual , In the mind . No matter what , It takes time to grind . It's going to stand !

2011 year 10 We got married last month , We took wedding photos in calligraphy square , Where we make love .

2012 year 6 month , Our daughter was born , I have her in my name .

2013 year 11 month , We bought the first house of our own , She is the head of the household . Even though it's only fifty , That's my promised home .

2014 year 11 month , We have a second suite , With a kitchen where she can cook , A big balcony for drying clothes .

And the dresser .

When the window is clear , Yellow decal on mirror .

2017 year 11 month , Our son was born , Time goes by , They became a family of four hand in hand .

Years of hard work , My wife is not slim , My face is yellow , The hands are rough . Time and tide , Time left a real mark on her , We are all old .

I don't feel as sweet as I used to be , I don't know how to praise her , There was no money before , She said, "let's go somewhere." , I said wait , When you buy a house, you go to . And then there was , I still think Yali mountain is big , Not willing to relax . Sometimes I look at my colleagues and those girls walking in the crowd , She always carries a bag on her back when she goes out , Inside are the little clothes of my daughter and son , Eat, drink, play . I feel incompetent .

We had a fight. , Angry , I've been sad , Sometimes I even think about how you are like this ?! More time to love each other , Support each other , Work together .

I saw a sentence this morning , That's good : I want my love , It's not that you don't fight all your life , It's a fight and a lifetime together .

There are always times when feelings are yellow and thin , There's always a time when there's no more minutes .

Even though it's only famous in Jiangdong , I will be with you forever .

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