She has loved him for 8 years, thinking that one day she will get his love, but she didn't expect to get a sentence like "let's divorce."

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Lin Wan turned over in a daze and ran into a hard wall of meat , For a moment, I was stunned .

Although not fully awake , Memories of last night are beginning to come back .

When she closed her eyes and didn't know what to do , People around you seem to have come to their senses because of this collision .

The quilt on that side is lifted , There is a sound of dressing by the bed .

She pretended to be motionless like an ostrich , All the way to the bathroom came the sound of water , I dare to open my eyes gently .

Last night, , She is with Lu zichi .

Logically speaking , They've been married for almost a year , Fast people are afraid that even children are pregnant , It's not a big deal .

But the problem is , It's the first time since they got married , It's also ...... Lin Wan's .

When Lu zichi got home last night, he was full of wine , Rarely lie down on the sofa motionless , It's like falling asleep .

Lin Wan remembers that he just wanted to build a blanket for him , The person on the sofa is at the moment when she is near , Suddenly open your eyes .

Before her brain reacts , The long arm stretched out and pulled her into her arms , Kiss her


Last night's hot scenes seemed to rush into Lin Wan's mind uncontrollably .

Just as she blushes and her heart beats , The bathroom door suddenly opened .

Lu zichi is only surrounded by a bath towel , Barefoot on the carpet in the bedroom , I haven't dried my hair yet .

A few drops of water slide from his handsome side cheek to his straight shoulder , There's an unspeakable sex appeal .

Lin Wan heard the footsteps , Half of his head came out of the tightly wrapped quilt , Just one look , Her pretty face turned red again .

What I was going to say was instantly swallowed back to my stomach .

Even if we were honest last night , She is still not used to seeing Lu zichi naked in the early morning , In her room .

Lu zichi has a hangover , There's still some pain in the head , At first I didn't notice the sight of the people on the bed .

On the contrary, it's because I wipe my hair with my head down , The first thing to notice is the clothes thrown all over the place .

The sofa and chair also fell in the corner for no reason .

The bed is also in a mess , The quilt was rolled up to reveal a small piece of bright red on the sheet .

See that red , Lu zichi's sword eyebrows frowned , The pupil color is cold .

That woman is like an ostrich , Wrapped in a quilt , Some are pitifully huddled in a corner of the bed .

Lu zichi and she looked at each other , Clearly saw the shyness and joy in her eyes .

He didn't say anything , Take your eyes back in silence .

Hang your head down and continue to dry your hair , Then step over the mess of clothes on the floor , Open the closet and pick the right one , Stand by the bed and dress methodically .

In the bedroom, except for the sound of his clothes , The silence was a little disturbing .

When you finish buttoning the last button of your shirt , He calmly glanced at the bed .

Women's pretty eyes are shining , He avoided his eyes , Said calmly .

“ I was drunk last night .”

I don't know this sentence is a prologue , It's an explanation , Lin Wan was stunned for a while before he gently “ Um. ” There was a sound . Lu zichi's attitude made her uneasy .

She wanted to say something , I don't know what to say .

In the silence, Lu zichi has put on his suit , Walk quickly to the door .

Push the door open , He suddenly looked back at her .

“ The project your brother said he was going to do , I'll send someone to sign a contract with him as soon as possible .”

Lin Wan finally recognized something wrong , Lift the quilt and sit up from the bed , Some of them called him in a hurry .

“ wait ! What project are you talking about .... you ... What's the meaning of this? ?”

Her movements are too quick , The quilt slipped to my chest in an instant , Reveal the deep and shallow kisses on the neck and shoulders , It's more and more conspicuous against the white and tender skin .

Lu zichi's indifferent eyes flitted over her , Did not make any stop .

Then he said in a more indifferent voice ,“ It means literally , I don't like to owe anyone ... Especially for you .”

Lin Wan was stunned , I feel a little sad .

“ Last night, ... For you, , I just feel in debt ? Lu zichi , We are husband and wife , You can't , Can't we just try to get along with each other ?”

Her voice was weak and humble , You can also hear the careful flattery .

Lu zichi was silent for a moment .

And then you spit out , As always, thin and cool .

“ I made it very clear to you on my wedding day , You are determined to marry , All I can give you is the identity of Mrs. Lu . besides , Don't expect anything else .”

after one's words , I don't want to leave .

Lin Wan sat alone in the middle of the empty bed , Staring at a small piece of bright red on the sheet .

A long time , He raised the corner of his mouth and laughed at himself .

It wasn't the marriage he wanted , Why do you always act like a fool , With a bunch of unrealistic fantasies .

She sat in bed for a long time before picking up her sadness .

Get out of bed , Machines usually tidy themselves up , Getting ready to go back to the hospital .

She didn't want to ask for leave , I don't want to be at home alone all the time .

Especially today .

When I passed the restaurant downstairs , Aunt Li came over carefully .

Ask her ,“ ma'am , Are you still taking yesterday's dishes ?”

In the morning, as soon as I entered the kitchen, I saw a table full of cold dishes , Not a bite .

Aunt Li didn't dare to throw it all , It's hard to put it in the fridge , Wait to ask Lin Wan what he means .

Lin Wan heard that , Subconsciously looking at the empty table .

It took me a while to remember that yesterday was her birthday .

I had a day off for my servant , I made a good table by myself , I want to spend my birthday with Lu zichi .

Who would have thought that her planned romance didn't happen , And the surprise she thought turned into embarrassment .

She pulled the corner of her mouth , Pretending to be relaxed .

“ Throw it away . I was idle yesterday , Just do whatever you want .”


It's a little late to go out , It was close to work time when I got to the hospital .

Lin Wan changed his uniform in a hurry , Just out of the break , Su Xiao came up excitedly ,

“ Big birthday !!” She always has a brilliant smile on her face , It seems that there is nothing in the world that can annoy Miss Su .

Take Lin Wan's arm , The eight trigrams of winking and winking ,“ What about? , What about? ? Last night's results were OK ?”

About Lin Wan's marriage , Few people in the hospital know .

As her only good friend, Su Xiao knows it all .

She knows Lin Wan's feelings for Lu zichi for many years , I also know how important she thinks of this marriage .

That's why I gave her advice like that , Let her get closer to Lu zichi on her birthday .

I can't be a stranger all my life .

Lin Wan didn't answer her question .

Just turn your head and look at her , A few words came out calmly .

“ Xiaoxiao , I want a divorce .”

“ what ?!” The smile on Su Xiao's face suddenly solidified .

“ How to divorce all of a sudden ?” She asked a little anxiously , I'm afraid Lin Wan will be wronged .“ Did that bastard Lu zichi say something last night ?”

“ It's nothing .” Lin Wan shook his head , He gave a gentle smile to his friend , I don't want her to worry about herself .

But the clear eyes are dim .

“ I thought a lot on the way today ... Always feel that the dream should wake up . He , He should also hope that we can get divorced soon .”

Su Xiao couldn't say anything to comfort him for a moment .

This relationship means too much to Lin Wan's gloomy life .

She still remembers how ecstatic Lin Wan was when he learned that he was going to marry Lu zichi more than a year ago , Even after her marriage, Lu zichi never had a good look at her , They still cherish this feeling as a treasure .

Before how much love she silent pay , Now how sad for her to give up .

Lin Wan looks , It's so sad .

Su Xiao thought for a long time , Just pat her on the shoulder , He said with a pretense of easy encouragement .

“ you , Just make up your mind ... Whatever you choose , I'm all for you . It's hard to find a three legged toad , Men with two legs are everywhere , You leave Lu zichi this asshole late , I'm sure we'll find someone ten times better than him !”

Lin Wan smiles , Just about to speak , The cell phone in my pocket rings .

She took out her cell phone and took a look , It's a text message from Lu zichi , It's just a simple sentence .

“ Go home in the evening .”

Lin Wan knows what he said “ home ”, It's not the villa they live in .

Lu zichi is not so considerate to her , It doesn't matter whether she goes home or not .

What he said , It's going back to Lu's old house , Her parents in law .

Su Xiao is always close to her side , I also saw text messages .

Tut tut twice , Advise Tao ,“ All ready for divorce , Don't be angry with that !”

Lin Wan fingered the reply box , A quick hit “ good ” word , send out .

Su Xiao glared at her with a look of hatred .

Lin Wan knows that Su Xiao really cares about himself , A flattering shake of her arm , I want to explain .

“ Xiaoxiao, don't be angry ! Just think of it as the last time , I'll find a suitable opportunity to talk with him these two days ... divorce .”

Su Xiaoben wanted to scold her for being so disheartened , Up to now, I still don't forget to put luzichi first in everything , When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed them again .

Lin Wan's appearance is not very good .

Although laughing , The corners of the mouth seem to be full of bitterness .

Even if you decide to divorce yourself , If you can't do it, put it down right away .

Su Xiao sighed , I don't want to put pressure on my friends anymore .

Wanted to think , Still a little uneasy .

“ Lin Wan , You go, you go , But this time, the two wonderful women in his family will trouble you again , You can't stand it any more , Be sure to call it back !”

Lin Wan nodded obediently ,“ got it .”

“ I'm not going to be his daughter-in-law anyway , Never be soft , It's best to tie up the previous feud .”

Lin Wan's originally gloomy mood , She was distracted by her childish words .

Clap her arm in tears and laughter ,“ I'm going to dinner , It's not about fighting .”

And comfort her ,“ Don't worry , I know the right thing to do .”

Su Xiao finally stops with satisfaction .

They walked along the white corridor for a long time , Break up in front of Lin Wan's area .

Su Xiao looked at Lin Wan several times before he left .

Suddenly sighed ,“ Although Mr. Lu is kind-hearted , You always feel that you get what you want with his blessing ... But I , Sometimes it's like he's pushing you into another pit of fire .”

Lin Wan was also stunned .

The next day , There is always a kind face in my mind .

Two years ago in this hospital , Take her hand and smile gently .

“ A little late , We'll ask you after zichi .”

“ You are a good boy , I believe you will be happy .”

Now I think of those pictures at that time , Lin Wan could not help feeling sad .

Grandfather let her get what she wanted , But she is still ready to live up to her grandfather's expectations .

Grandfather is wrong , She was wrong, too .

Lu zichi's happiness never seemed to be something she could afford .


The hospital is far away from Lu's old house , So Lin leaves work in the evening , I simply cleaned up and took a taxi .

The house is on the hillside far from the city , All the people around here are A A family with a head and a face in the city .

Each villa is separated by lush woods and courtyard , Excellent privacy , It's rare to see people coming and driving on weekdays , This is especially true in the most powerful Lu family villa .

That's why I stepped in today , Lin Wan didn't feel right .

People today ... Isn't it a little too much ?

I'm not waiting for her to respond , The familiar sharp taunt has come to my ears .

“ Why are you here now ?! sister-in-law 18 birthday , I didn't know to come here early to help , It's a good idea to say that I'm someone's sister-in-law , Lu's daughter-in-law ?”

Zhang Lan, Lu zichi's mother, frowned and dragged her to the corner , It's not polite to scold .

Then she looked up and down with disdain , The words in his mouth became more and more mean .

“ It's OK to come empty handed , I know you don't have much money , It must be zichi's money to buy some good things , Look at the crap you're wearing , The house is full of guests , You are sincere to disgrace our Lu family ?!”

Lin Wan didn't know it was Lu Xiaoxiao's birthday , Lu zichi seems to have forgotten to remind her .

In the magnificent hall, it's time to drink , Well dressed 、 Well dressed celebrities and elites have decent smiles on their faces , Raise your glass gracefully to others .

I can't see it's a birthday party at all .

But the Lu family has always been like this , Everyone who can attend the Lu family banquet is proud of it , Think of it as if you were a A symbol of the city's status , I'm not going to treat it just because it's a birthday party .

Lin Wan glanced around the hall , Against the backdrop of gorgeous clothes , She's all over T T-shirt Cowboys look even more shabby .

She didn't try to explain anything .

Drooping eyes , Immediately bow your head and admit your mistake .

“ mom , I'm sorry . I just came here after work , I didn't have time to change , I'm going to ......”

Speaking of this , Suddenly I stopped .

I'll change it right away ? Although this is a land house , She didn't live for a day , How could she have her clothes here ?

Zhang Lan has , Lu Xiaoxiao also has , But Lin Wan knows , The two men were eager to find fault with her , How could you help her .

Think of it here. , She stopped .

But Zhang Lan didn't give up .

“ It's all said , Don't call me mom ! Zichi had to marry you , Doesn't mean I recognize you , It doesn't mean the Lu family recognizes you !”

In the past, every time I heard Zhang Lan say something similar , Lin Wan felt very sad .

Today, , In addition to being sad, she also felt very sad .

She's the only one in this marriage who keeps giving , Lu zichi and Lu Jia , It's just rejection from beginning to end .

She nodded , I want to tell Zhang Lan , don 't worry , I'm ready to divorce Lu zichi , I won't call her that again .

I haven't been able to speak yet , Suddenly, the servant's voice came from the door .

“ The young master is back !”

Zhang Lan's frown was like being smoothed by an iron , It seems that He Xi's smiling face will change quickly .

She let go of Lin Wan's hand , Turn around with a smile , To the door .

Many people in the hall heard the servant , They all looked at the door .

Lu zichi has now taken over most of the Lu family's industries , All the people here tonight are human spirits , Everyone wants to sell well in front of the young leader of the Lu family , There are several people who claim to be close to the Lu family , Has been directly behind Zhang Lan .

A pretty figure suddenly appeared at the stairway on the second floor , A crisp cry ,“ brother !”

Lu Xiaoxiao is wearing a pink dress , Make up is meticulous , The silver crown on his head is shining brightly under the warm yellow light of the chandelier .

She changed her usual arrogance , Fine makeup can't cover up the happiness on her face .

Hearing the news of Lu zichi's return , She can't wait to run down the stairs , Towards the gate .

Through the crowd , Just like everyone else, he stopped .

Staring at Lu zichi at the door .

The corners of his mouth , There has always been no expression on the face of Jun inexplicably show a bit gentle , The tall and handsome figure stood at the door , Suddenly, a little pretty shadow came out behind him , Stand side by side with him .

A gorgeous light colored dress is shining , A shawl with long black hair , Even standing beside the handsome Lu zichi , I can't hide her beauty .

With her fair hands, she climbed up to zichi's left arm , The smile on his face was dazzling .

To the people in the room , The scarlet lips open .

“ Aunt , Xiaoxiao , Long time no see .”

When Zhang Lan was still in a daze , Lu Xiaoxiao has put on a more brilliant smile than just now , Cheering loudly at the visitors .

“ Sister Yao , You are back !”

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