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Happy and carefree

Jiao Xiaoqiao


Among the people who are playing in our big ice and snow field , The most attractive and enviable are the free children and old people , The innocence and romance of children , The old man's rejuvenation , They're all alive .

A row of ploughs , An adult is pulling in front of , An adult is pushing in the back , There was a row of dolls sitting on it , Running fast forward on the ice , It's like a fast-moving train , It's also like a small boat riding the wind and waves . The curious child talks and laughs excitedly and feels the surprise of dazzling on the ice , It should be a pleasure to fly .


The memory of childhood will stay in children's memory , In the years, months and days of growing up in the future , I'm sure this scene will come back to my mind , What a wonderful and precious moment it was !

The ice is like a big mirror , It's the magic of nature , Children living in this world , Enjoy the wonderful gift from God , happy .


In the corner of the rink , One is well dressed , A gentle looking old man , Like a serious old scholar , About seventy years old . He carefully put a single blade ice cart on the ice .

He should have made the ice car himself , It's like a wooden box on top of the iceberg , A beam is fixed in the middle of the box , The whole shape looks like a wooden dustbin , A knife wrench is embedded in the middle of the lower end of the wooden box , It's like a used kitchen knife .


He squatted cautiously on both sides of the wooden box , Try to hold up the skating fight slowly , Try to slide forward , But I failed several times , He pondered for a moment , Try again , It's a success . It's just not too far , And then he fell down .

He got up a little embarrassed , Shaking his head and laughing at himself , I picked up the ice car and left the rink . It must be that he thinks his invention is still ideal , Maybe he doesn't have enough confidence in skating , Ready to go back and improve .


Another old brother is too windy , With a dog in sync with him , Running on the ice rink , Old brother is tired of playing. Go up and have a rest , The dog has a drooping face , An unhappy expression , Old brother said it didn't play enough .

My brother's ice skater is tall and tall , It's magnificent, it's solid , He should have put a lot of effort into it , The front is a chopping board , There are rails and pulleys welded down , The stool welded on it , A car with dogs in the back , The material is exquisite and beautiful steel pipe , Unique and original , He's on the ice , There was applause everywhere .


A large group of middle-aged and old female fans gathered around him to talk and amuse , The dog was so proud with his head swung . Old elder brother said : Dogs eat too fat at home in winter , Take it to exercise and lose weight .

the second day , The old brother unloaded the car that pulled the dog , The dog is very unhappy , Follow the master , Look at the master sliding away on the ice , Follow slowly , Gradually he ran away , The old brother sat steadily , He swayed from side to side , Humming a little song .


Some people say “ Easy to live , Easy to live , Life is not easy ”, There are always many ups and downs in life , Let's try our best .
But in fact, life can be very simple , From leisurely appearance, it can also be tasteful . The tao “ There are hundreds of flowers in spring and months in autumn , There is cool wind in summer and snow in winter . If there is nothing to worry about , It's a good time on earth .”