Old people are forgetful, but never forget their children and grandchildren

2021-02-23 00:45:27  作者:Literary FM

At dinner time , Everyone has finished their meal , My mother-in-law took a piece of steamed bread and handed it to my husband , He had to eat it , Even though it's big brother's name .

All you need is peanuts and candy , Always reluctant to eat , Looking at the grandchildren and grandchildren around me giving them , Although children don't want these foods anymore .

You hand her an apple , She'll first see if you have , If not , She'll let you eat first ……

87 Now she is often in “ senile dementia ” state , Sometimes I am aggrieved and yell with my husband :“ get home , Let's hurry home .”, Even if she's already at home .

There are many guests at home during the Spring Festival , It's my mother-in-law's nephews , Sometimes she can't get her name , But still more than we are . We can't remember passing melon seeds and candy , She remembers .

Coco is her granddaughter , More than seven months pregnant , Every time coco helped her up , She said :“ Don't push , I'll try to stand up myself .” Even though it's hard for her to get up every time , Because her legs don't have a lot of strength ……

Every time I see two little granddaughters , Her eyes are smiling and staring at her , One after another “ Little Neva , Little Neva ”, Later, he told me :“ Take the quilt and wrap the baby up , Don't let her freeze ”,“ It's time for the baby to nurse .”, After a while, he even asked me :“ Whose child is this ?”

This is my mother-in-law , How forgetful I am , I don't forget my children and grandchildren !


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