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【 Class notes 】

Temporary storage

【 Knowledge point : Temporary storage 】PS A temporary file will be generated at work , Because the software will produce a lot of data in the process of calculation , And memory can't be loaded , So we need to store the data on the hard disk temporarily , By default, the cache is in C Dish is not advocated . When running large files , Temporary files will suddenly fatten up , Can cause the command to be unable to execute or even the system to crash .

open SP, Find the preferences , Choose performance , Shortcut key Ctrl+K.

First of all 、 We have confirmed our temporary storage ,( Not set in C disc )

second 、 Historical record , History status , The numbers that follow are the history of the changes , For example, it can be changed to 200 Time , In order to facilitate our operation error , Find more history .

Third 、 Save settings automatically , The file processing option in preferences has auto save time , You can choose to automatically select the storage interval .PS The auto save of can run in the background , It doesn't slow down the processing speed of the front desk . Recommended setting is 5 Minutes at a time .

Fourth 、 Shortcut key settings , Shortcut keys can make our work more efficient , We can customize shortcuts , To solve too complex shortcuts .

We can click , edit , Keyboard shortcuts , Set the shortcut here .

【 Be careful 】 If it's not for a special job , Do not modify the shortcut keys , Just use the default value .

1、 The first time I knew there was a temporary storage disk , I know how to set it , I learned another knowledge point .

2、 Shortcut keys can also be customized .

3、 The course is good , Every function is very detailed and clear , Serious and not serious harvest is not the same , Every point the teacher says , I write it down in words , Do it again .

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