Homesickness from grinding

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I have a stone mill from my hometown ? It's magic ! I come home with this heavy 40 Jin stone mill , Untie the rope , Put it solemnly on my old wooden table . Oh , I met old Shimo again , It's destined to be a reunion !

I stroked the smooth, soft and cool stone mill , It's as like as two peas in my childhood , The upper and lower grinding plates fit perfectly , There are many fine grooves in it , It's like a person's upper and lower gums are locked together , Grind up the food . Warm and cold with it , I was so happy that I almost jumped up , It's like that barefoot four-year-old kid again . I seem to be running and jumping to watch my grandmother push the mill , I stood by my grandmother's pan and watched her make batter . I seem to see the blue sky of my hometown again , The cooking smoke in my hometown , The swallows in their hometown are chirping home …… Oh , When did I grow up , When to start along this mill , Go beyond thousands of rivers and mountains , What about middle age ?

I haven't seen the stone mill for a long time , I haven't seen the green mountains and green waters of my hometown for a long time , My surge of nostalgia with the stone mill to turn ah , Back to my childhood .


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How could the country life at that time leave the stone mill ? When I was a child, the old stone mill in the hall of my hometown was amazing in the eyes of children ! The millstone is like a magician , All kinds of delicious food that can make my mouth water . The mill is for everyone in the hall , At the door of aunt Tang's house, which is always in the corner , There is a rough wood bar on the grinding plate connected to the grinding plate , The horizontal bar is thumb thick at both ends 、 Push with both hands , You can also push it with one hand . When I was a child, I couldn't reach this grinding bar no matter how I stood on tiptoe , It hung high above my head and swayed and swayed , So I've never pushed this magic mill . And when the millstone turns , There is bound to be an exciting meal , In my childhood when I was short of snacks , How can I not have incomparable affection for the old stone mill ? When I grew up, I had a strong desire to push the millstone enough .

Old mill is usually silent , Only when we have to make delicate pastry during the Spring Festival will it be frequently used by housewives . He muttered and spat out rice milk and said his own words , Only a housewife like grandma can understand it . Uncle Tang sat and chatted with grandma , Grandma talks less , I can't say a few words and I'll concentrate on pushing the mill . Aunt Tang sat quietly smoking her old water pipe , The mist of the water pipe is circling me . I stare at my grandmother in the mist of the hookah , See how she turns the mill , How to put rice into the grinding plate . Grandma and aunt Tang are uncles and sisters in their mother's family , Grandma married grandfather first , After that, aunt Tang married her grandfather's great uncle and brother , Become a sister-in-law , And then they became widows , Like all the women in the country, they live with their children and grandchildren . Getting older every day , The old mill witnessed their hard work 、 A tough and industrious life .

Grandma talks to her aunt , Now and then the wrinkles come out , Smile a smile , It's like a stone on the water , The ripples spread round and round , Peace soon returned . Their green cloth jacket and stone mill are the same color , With cloth buttons . That kind of button is very mysterious to me , On one side of the skirt is a small cloth ring , On the other side of the skirt is a small cloth knot , It's a good knot when you twist it twice . I tried , I can't tie that kind of awkward knot in one's heart with all my efforts , And my grandmother could tie this complicated button with a little finger movement , I'm very envious of . No matter how hot the weather is, grandma always wears this kind of skirt jacket , Wear dark colors in winter , Wear light colors in summer , Like that old mill, it's always pure , Never change the style . I'm wearing floral shorts , Stand in front of the stone mill and watch my grandmother turn the mill . Little boy is greedy , Every time I hear the murmur of a stone mill, I run faster than a rabbit , My stomach is also murmuring in response , The tip of my nose began to shrug , That's true. , Lunch must be a good meal to eat batter, rather than hard to swallow sweet potato porridge ! The sweet potato is starched and dried in the sun , It's firewood , Mix it with rice and cook it , Red rice porridge , There's very little rice , So for grandma “ Pot side paste ” I'll be so greedy . But I have to bear it , Never make a noise , My grandmother doesn't scold me or beat me , Give me a look , It's a very serious reproach to me .

I'm so greedy that it doesn't work , My grandmother is still turning the stone mill , Watch the stone mill turn around , One more turn , Chucking out rice milk . In my recollection, the hall that I ran into barefoot was also with it . In that “ return ” In a character style house , The square open space is the hall .

If you look from the air , This “ return ” A character style house must be like a box , This square open place is the bottom of the box , It's the largest part of the building , A letter to the gate , This square house is a fortress , There are high walls and roofs on all sides , It's easy to guard against theft . Such a group of people living together , Whose kitchen wafts out the smell of pot batter , It's concentrated in the space of the hall . This delicious food is sometimes sent to the fields in the middle of the morning as a snack to reward the strong labors of the family , Occasionally for lunch , Eating sweet potato porridge at home in the 1970s , Smell the delicious smell of the batter by the side of the pot , Who doesn't want to drool ?

Oh , The stone mill of my childhood ! The first delicacy it brings me is this pot side paste ! No stone mill, no pot paste , I'd like to have some batter , There must be a stone mill to grind rice into rice paste ! therefore , People who leave their hometown village , Whether it's my father or me , For many years, there was no stone mill , I didn't eat the batter made by my grandmother any more !

Also related to the stone mill is Grandma's stove , It's very high , I have to look up and see , So I can't see what's in the pot on the stove all the time . I can look straight up , It's the burner that fills firewood under the cooker , Flames are springing up from a hole in all directions , Sometimes she even spewed out thick smoke, which made grandma cough . Grandma cooks , My aunt sat in front of the stove and kept filling in firewood to maintain the temperature at the bottom of the pot . Oh , I used to burn firewood in my early years , Aunts and uncles go to the mountain every few days to lay firewood , Take the hay back like a hill , In the yard , Ready to serve kitchen cooking needs . When the millstone rings , The water in the big pot on the stove is also sizzling . There is a big black iron pot with a big stove on the table , It's so dark , It's usually used to cook porridge or rice for the whole family ; There is also a small stove nearby , It's used for cooking in a small iron pan ; There is also a small stove between the big stove and the small stove , There's a little jar , You can use the waste heat from cooking to warm water , Wash your family's feet and face . Energy saving and multi-purpose of the stove eye , It makes me think grandma is really smart .

The firewood under the stove is burning slowly , When you're not in a hurry to cook, there's always a slight fire , The water in the pot is waiting for the white rice milk to date . The grandmother before the stone mill carefully scraped all the rice slurry from the stone mill into a small basin , Clean the grinding plate with clean water , The stone floor is also washed clean , I went back to my kitchen with a basin . Grandma is walking on her front feet , I'm running on my heels , Standing in front of the stove with fingers , See grandma how to make the potside paste that I can't eat enough in my whole life . Grandma has already cut the scallion on the chopping board , Cut the shredded vegetables , And a small bowl of fresh clams , Grandma is very good at making the white water in the big black pot fragrant with few things . I watched the rice paste turned from rice mixed by my grandmother , Along the edge of the hot pot “ Slip away ” down . I said, “ Slip away ”, It's because grandma's hands slowly , And it's very light , The rice paste she scooped up , No less , It's neither thin nor thick , Her wrist is so light that she shakes , The rice paste is just right , Not thin and not thick paste on the edge of the pot , In the blink of an eye, it is baked into a circle of snow-white thin skin by the high temperature at the edge of the pot ; And grandma is not in a hurry , sharp eyes and agile hands or nimble fingers , Seize the best time , Quickly break the formed dough into pieces , The small noodles tumbled into the soup pot one after another , I was quickly pulled into the water by the scallion, laver and shrimp in the soup , Mix it up and make love , Red green green black purple white , With the boiling soup floating , It's a beautiful picture in the big pot . My cousin and I have been drooling for a long time , Can't wait to bring the bowl , Wait for grandma to fill our rice bowls with batter one by one .

Oh , How can I savor the delicious taste of the batter cooked by my grandmother many years later ? At that time, the river in the village was very clear , Duckweed on the river is as green as jade , The river connects the river and the sea , The tide goes up and down , The dirt in the water is taken away , Years without running water , They have been eating the river water directly from heaven and earth for generations . The clear water at that time kept the green mountains at that time , At that time, Qingshi drew the essence of the sun and the moon , Of course, the delicacy is the most natural and simple , At that time, clams and shrimps used to make soup , They're the freshest from the river , When the water is hot, the juice quickly melts into the soup ; Green vegetables, onion and garlic are all planted by Er Shu , Just pulled it out of the ground , All of them are farm manure . In the days when there were very few animals , Just a handful of blue and white clams , Just a handful of green vegetables , It's so rough that it's white rice with husks, and it's ground rice paste , Just put a little oil and salt and burn it , A country delicacy becomes , It's so simple and artistic .

Oh , In the age of material scarcity , I am full of delicious memories of grandma's stone mill ! Except for the batter , And New Year cake , And Tangyuan , And rice cakes , And steamed pork with rice flour , also …… I can't count the names of the delicious food turned out by the stone mill , How much homesickness , The stomach knows best , My nostalgia often starts from my stomach , The taste of the country food I had in my childhood , From the throat 、 The tongue goes all the way to the lips 、 Nose tip and whole body up and down , Strands of , To entangle or entangle , lingering ,“ Where is the country gate at dusk , The Yanbo River makes people sad .” When I was old enough to push the mill , Grandma has long been gone , Grandma's village has long been polluted , I became a wanderer with no home to return to .


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When homesickness is around , My friend's bluestone mill knocks at the door , It brings warmth and consideration to friends , Bring the message of hometown landscape , It calms my homesickness that I have nowhere to put . It's like an old gramophone when it spins , What it chews and puffs is not ordinary rice milk food , It's a kind rural memory of the farming age ……

I embrace a mill with infinite tenderness , This is a precious gift from a close friend , I'm 40 years old and middle-aged , Excited to be a child , Busy soaking rice , Pickled bean , I was excited and nervous to say something to my family :“ I have a stone mill , I can make my grandmother's batter for you to eat .” Then I burst into tears .


A stone mill from a friend

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