New spring, new semester, how do you open it?

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The motto of Luoshe junior high school in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

2021 In the first morning reading class of the new term in spring of 2007 , Let's talk about spring poetry , Have said “ Two Orioles are singing green willows , A line of egrets on the blue sky ” Of , And say “ The mountains and rivers are beautiful in the late days , Spring wind, flowers and plants ” Of , And say “ The face is not cold willow wind , Touch clothes to wet apricot blossom rain ” Of , And say “ Sleep in spring , Hear birds everywhere ”…… From these lines , You can feel the characteristics of spring ?

“ Firecrackers make a noise , Spring weather by the inkstone washing pool ; Magnolia trees , Yucai upstairs is a beautiful place ”. Spring is warm , Spring is beautiful , Spring is full of hope …… Just think about it , It's full of yearning , Yes , We're going to start a new semester , Please choose a poem that belongs to your spring .

Today is the first day of class , Morning reading is the first class . I asked the students , Did you miss me during the winter vacation ? This semester , What do you want ? At the end of last term , We have encountered difficulties , The attack of influenza , Some students had chickenpox and even lost the chance to take the exam , But we are united , Finally overcome the difficulties , Made progress in the final exam . Days together , Really good , Very memorable , With you , splendid ! however , By September , It's possible that we'll separate , So cherish the days together .

I said to my classmates , When I went to work yesterday , I got an express message on my mobile phone , It's Nanjing 《 Colorful Chinese 》 We have published the articles of Xu Chenyu and sent them to the sample , In a few days , The sample was sent . And zhangjiaqi 、 Xu Chenyu and Xu Jing published their works in Shanxi 《 New composition full score material 》2021 In the fourth issue of , There are also articles for students in winter vacation , Zhu junyang's article 《 The conversation at the table 》 It's going to be published in Shanghai 《 Elephant composition 》2021 In the third issue of , Let's wait patiently , Waiting for honor to come .

You see , The Central Avenue on the campus of Luoshe junior high school is on display 2020 The shortlist and deeds of the special award for principals of Luoshe junior high school in , Our scholarship is not only to reward students with excellent academic performance in the high school entrance examination , The president's special award also rewards students who love reading , Reward students who are enthusiastic about public welfare and happy volunteers , We should reward outstanding achievements in all aspects 、 Excellent students who can set an example . from 2015 year 3 month 12 The first special principal award of riluoshe junior high school was presented at the award ceremony 2021 year , It's the seventh , Inspired by the special award from the headmaster, lots of students in Luoshe junior middle school wrote colorful chapters on quality education in Luoshe junior middle school !




Honor belongs to those who struggle , The fields of spring are waiting for you and me to work hard . In the days of waiting , What can you do ? At the first faculty meeting of the new term , President Yu Qingsong of Luoshe junior high school talked about the wisdom of improving the quality of classroom teaching , Encourage teachers to be enthusiastic teachers , The slogan of being a great teacher , At the first flag raising ceremony of the new term , President Yu sounded the assembly number of the new term . He said hopefully ,“ Why is there a time to be quiet , That's because there are soldiers on guard behind , The students in Luoshe junior high school should learn how to be a martyr , We should learn to stick to the frontier , In the new semester , Please set a new goal , Try to get rid of a bad habit , To make a new progress !”

A good beginning is half the battle , New spring , What poem do you want to choose for yourself , To open spring ? The new term , How are you going to start , Do your first homework , Your first class , Write your first essay ……


Spring comes early in Yanchi

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