You can rest

2021-02-23 00:36:23  作者:Life journey

A lot of people have started , The shops around are opening one after another , The traffic on the street also became busy .

I haven't started yet , The body is still immersed in the sweet and lazy holiday .

My heart is murmuring , I seem to be kidnapped by life , Encouraged by an inexplicable force .

Actually , I really didn't expect so much , Excuses usually come from it , My desire is not strong enough .

I can't look down on our lives , We can't see the status quo of our existence .

I'm entangled , I want to get out of my body , Flying self , I don't know what I want .

Perhaps only in a hurry can we ease the confusion !

Can I feel sorry for myself .

ha-ha , It's a fuckin 'fate .

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