pond cypress

2021-02-23 00:33:46  作者:Photography

The Spring Festival holiday is fleeting ! My thoughts are still in yesterday . A few cedar trees in the country park , I'm impressed .


Their trunks are straight , Base enlarged , There's a geniculate respiratory root . The brown bark is thick and furrowed , Strip flakes . The big reddish brown branches stretch up obliquely , Branchlets erect , Branches up , Grow into a narrow crown , It's like little towers .


The emerald green leaves are diamond shaped , Bend a little inward 、 Protrusion 、 Cling to twigs , Arranged spirally on branchlets , The leaves on some young or budding branches are linear . The branches swayed gently in the wind , Elegant posture .


The shape of the cedar is beautiful , The color is bright green , Feast for the eyes . I press the shutter in time , Freeze frame , preservation .


Steal a little leisure from the rush of business , Take a picture and enjoy it , Be suddenly enlightened , The troubles are gone .