Poem: look at Luoyang apricot flower

2021-02-23 00:11:45  作者:Photography


It's said that Luoyang is full of spring ,

I'm also in the Apricot Garden .

Full of buds waiting for flowers ,

An apricot flower is hidden in a branch .

notes :2021 year 2 month 17 Japan ( people ) In the morning , The last day of the Spring Festival holiday , The wind is mild and the sun is bright , Go to see the apricot flowers in the South Wulonggou Apricot Garden, Longlin Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang City , All over the world, flowers never bloom , Step by step , Suddenly I saw an apricot flower , Close to the trunk , What a surprise , I feel very lucky , Write a poem to record it .


The garden is full of flowers ,

A red apricot makes people feel better .

Even though peony is the king of flowers ,

Spring wind is not as good as you .


I learned that the news of flowers came this morning ,

Alone in the apricot forest at night .

Don't laugh at night ,

It's just because of the flowers that don't wait .

notes :2021 year 2 month 21 Japan , I heard that the apricot blossom in Wulonggou, south of Longlin Road, has opened in a large area , No time during the day , You can only visit the apricot forest at night , Is like , Write a poem to remember it .


Luoyang is full of flowers in spring ,

Flowers never wait .

Impatient night into the apricot forest ,

There are only apricot flowers but no people .

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