The delay of retirement

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yesterday , I watched a program of Beijing TV station , It's about delaying retirement .

One female guest was adamant against delaying retirement , Say she's 46 、 Seven , Work as a tallyman in a large supermarket , How many tons of fresh milk to carry every day , How many kilometers , After work, my back is aching , I'm looking forward to it 50 year , Early retirement , While you're healthy , Do housework , Help your daughter with the kids , Take time out with my wife to see the wonderful world outside .
Delay retirement , Ten more years , The body can't stand it , After retirement, , Don't think about anything .
Many people have this idea , According to opinion polls , There are many people who oppose retirement .

There are objections , There is support .
A man is a staunch supporter of delaying retirement , He used to work in the first line workshop of the steel company , The temperature is very high , Wearing thick asbestos tooling , Very hard , Later transferred to the inspection post , I think I have accumulated a lot of work experience , After retirement , It's abandoned , wasted , It is a pity that , He's willing to work for a few more years , Dedicate your talents to your country .

The daughter of the lady in front asked him , If you are still working in the first-line workshop with high temperature , Are you willing to postpone retirement , Keep going ?
I didn't hear what he answered , Some of them are fuzzy .

Individuals have their own circumstances . The current retirement policy for lesbians , Female comrades with the title of deputy high or above , You can choose voluntarily ,55 It's OK to retire , Dry to 60 It's OK to retreat . The qualified female comrades in our unit , Most choose to work until 60, I'm not too tired at work , I don't have much to do when I go home , Make a lot less money after retirement ; Some comrades also choose 55 I'll go back , It's ready , Going out for a walk , Much less money , Just feel comfortable .
My wife has a firm attitude , I'm not tired at work , It's better to go home , Call the shots , Do what you want , Go where you wish .
I support .

Experts have also explained the delay in retirement , Said a lot ,
Circle round , It's more about the social security fund , Basically, delaying retirement is good for the country .

From a national perspective , Enterprise Perspective , Personal perspective , More complicated , It is estimated that this is also the reason why the policy of delaying retirement has not been implemented for many years .
It is said that this year the Ministry of human resources and social security will go out to solicit opinions .

This matter , The state is also very cautious .

It's better to be free to choose , Those who are willing to put off work for a few more years , Make more contributions , Make more money ; If you don't want to delay, you'll have a rest , take one's ease , It's just making less money .

Be free to choose if possible , I probably won't choose delay .
Step back early , A lot of young people will do better .
Of course , It depends on how much less you earn .

If the policy is implemented , It has to be delayed , Let's follow the policy , How much should be delayed , Just how much delay .
This matter , It's not a matter of discussion .

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