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Warm words in spring (8-10)


Listen to Murong's reading some time ago 《 Maugham's reading essays 》 in , I remember Maugham's habit : He has the habit of reading several books at the same time .

Now I read in three aspects : First of all , Listen to Himalayas on the way to and from work ( I've been listening to Murong all this time ); second , In my spare time at work , I read e-books on my mobile phone ( I was reading Hesse's novels during this time ), Third , When I get home from work , If you have spare time , That's reading paper books ( Today I begin to read Liu Liangcheng's prose collection 《 One man's village 》).

At the same time, I also remember such a warning in Maugham's essay , That is to learn to choose to read . I'm a fan of books , Every time I read a Book , Once I start, I want to finish , Otherwise, I always feel uncomfortable . But sometimes, , For a book, there is a feeling that it can't be read down . But still , My heart will still tangle , Still reluctant to give up . But this time , I finally decided to give up , That's the paper book I've been reading a few days ago 《 A collection of world classic essays 》, Half of it , I can't see it anymore , Because it's just to force some celebrity articles together . Including what I saw before 《 World classic poetry collection 》 So it is with , At the beginning, I can't go on , What a mess of poetry . And originally , These three books ( Return a copy 《 World classic short stories 》) It's just that I bought it at a roadside stall for 30 yuan . Want to come , Not only is the book pirated , These books themselves are just put together to attract people's attention , Just to make some money ! Think , I still feel unhappy in my heart , It's not just the thirty dollars , But such an irresponsible attitude towards literature .

therefore , Today, I resolutely gave up that collection of essays and chose Liu Liangcheng's 《 One man's village 》!


When I come back in the evening , In the square outside the community , There are still children setting off firecrackers , The fireworks . The air above the square smelled of sulfur , And the smell of burning paper scraps . Adults with children , The children were jubilant , Playing in the square !

Through the square , On the road in the neighborhood , See a very warm picture : A man in his 30s and 40s is pushing a paralyzed old man , There's a Harper in the wheelchair . At this time , I see a man like a child , With one hand on the old man's shoulder, hold it gently , At the same time, there is a dog biting . then , The man said to the old man , The dog is biting you !

Maybe it's because of paralysis , The old man didn't laugh , She just looked up at the man behind , There was a twitch in my face . But the man behind is very happy , The wheelchair stops , The man bent down like a child to embrace the old man ……

Look at this , In addition to deeply moved, there is also a sense of inexplicable sadness .


When you gaze into the abyss , The abyss is staring at you !

Why do you say that ? Think of the Spring Festival holiday days, my heart inexplicably irritable , Quarrel with your wife , And the cold war lasted for a few days .

Actually , During the Spring Festival holiday , Self feeling is also relatively degenerate , Sinking . No kidding , Irritability is more about dissatisfaction with oneself , Plus my wife's nagging , It seems that there is no place to vent the anger in my heart .

Fortunately, in recent days and his wife gradually relaxed , And my heart is not always full of nameless fire as before . That's true. , There will still be pressure , But now at least I can face it calmly .

only , Less talk about such negative emotions . But that sentence is really good , You choose a negative attitude , that , You can't expect you to have a sunny face and cheerful mood .

When you gaze into the abyss , The abyss is staring at you !

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