The world is the most warm and cold, fireworks never change

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Over the years the , Gone again , Year after year . Home? , I left home again , Just a few days together .

Children returning from afar , Like a family guest , There's no housework , Just stay with your mother .

See silver has covered her mother's temples , Wrinkles also spread around the eyes , mother , It's getting old in a quiet way . So I know , Such company will become more and more difficult , One more point is one .

Stay with your mother , She cooked porridge and rice , Half of the fabric , Are the breath of quiet life and valuable ordinary . That kind of light day , In the long river of my life , It's full of warm water .

When I was young, my mother was a primary school teacher , What I often hear from her is : Help others , It's also helping yourself !


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therefore , Besides teaching , She also often helps the adults and children in the village to cut and sew clothes .

At that time, there were few sewing machines in the village , And my family is just one of them .

So every season or new year , There are always several pieces of cloth on the table and cupboard at home , Occasionally it's mixed with some child's old clothes .

Weekend or summer vacation , I often see my mother compare the cutting of old clothes , Or with a tape measure on the shoulder of the kids next door 、 The cuff measures the scale .

To help is to help , Mom never takes manual fees , Some of the neighbors can't bear the hard work of the mother, a busy meal , Just go home and roll some noodles , Take it with the grate , Put it on the chopping board , Then he turned around and walked away .

The days were very poor , I remember when beggars came , Mother always gives us dry food for school ; When it comes to eating , There will also be some hot noodle soup , Even though we don't have enough food .


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Mother asked us the most , It's humility 、 good . therefore , In the years of my life , My mother's words and deeds have always influenced me , And radiated to my daughter .

Once our family of three went on a tour , On the bus , A girl about her age stood beside us , Cover your stomach and wipe sweat from time to time , My daughter , Let's get to our seats .

Kindness is a kind of cultivation , Make people do something from the heart , You planned to , I just think it's worth it . A kind man , For myself , To be self-sufficient , Be able to do everything that suits you , For others , Is a good partner , Dear friends .

Mother didn't know “ Give people roses , Fragrance in hand ” These fashionable words , But she is always kind to her family and friends , Get along well with everyone , meanwhile , The kindness she received 、 Warmth is also the most .

After moving back to the county , Old friends and neighbors in the country , Often a bunch of fresh vegetables , A basket of Tujia eggs , Or make your own sorghum wine , Will be thinking about the mother's relatives and friends with care about the temperature brought to my balcony .

This Spring Festival holiday , Two kids going to the city market , Come and give her new year's greetings , It's noon , Because I didn't eat the steamed buns prepared for them , Get up to do something else , She chased her to the courtyard downstairs , Everyone gave lucky money , This just relieved the knot of her mind .

Only by nagging can we know , It turned out that one of the two children had been helped by her , The other used to stay at home .

People often think they can hold on to , It's the things that are within reach : Like a car 、 room 、 food 、 Gorgeous clothes ……, But in the face of the fleeting light , These little touches , But more and more shining in the river of time .


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Zhou Guoping said :“ Home is a small boat , But it's going to take us through such a long time .”

My mother has never set any family rules for us , But with my own words and deeds , Teach us the truth of life all the time .

When we were growing up , Because of this upward good , Also because of his deep love with people , While busy , Friends often call in , Ask me about the temperature in my city 、 I wonder if I am happy in my life .

I smile and talk about it one by one , As long as it's remembered , It's a happy thing , These light concerns may be useful for a lifetime .

The movie 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》 It's on the air , The film tells us All of us , They're all stepping on their parents' shoulders , Go further and higher .

People have to go through countless roads in their life , The most unforgettable , It's the way home . Please cherish what you have now , Cherish and parents together through every landscape , Let the beautiful rhythm of life into every pulse , In the quiet good years to accompany them old .

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