Most important.

2021-02-22 18:10:51  作者:Life journey

We need a lot of things to fill our lives , But what's the most important ?

money , feeling , career , Fame and wealth , Self actualization …… Everything will end up in a sense of happiness .

therefore , The most important thing in life is happiness . Although everyone's happiness is different .

If not , We should learn to put it down , Happiness consists in contentment , Or to keep feeling happy .

A period of depression , I always like to see Buddhism and Taoism to relieve the suffering of the soul , The pain in the heart is not for everyone , Some people have a simple life , Busy and tired , But I don't think too much , I don't think about it ; Some people are very sensitive to suffering , Life is bitter everywhere , Suffering is suffering , Happiness is also bitter , Because I know that happiness will disappear , Or bitter ……

Life is a sea of pain , All kinds of religions exist to solve people's spiritual suffering .

Once upon a time, I was not afraid of hardship , Living in poverty is not suffering , It's a sweet burden , As long as the family is united , Life is always getting better and better . Later it was found that this was not the case , People like me who are not afraid of the hardships of life , God has arranged another hardship for me , I have tasted the bitterness of greed, anger and infatuation , It's so much more than life .

This is the time , It's time to improve yourself , Love your career , Make more money , Think about what you have , If not, even God will take what he has , And learn to let go of what doesn't belong to you .

Everyone has a dark time , Some months , Some years , My stage , I don't know how long it will take . And , Only by relying on their own strength can they come out .

stay B We found that Harvard open class 【 Positive psychology 】, A long , There are 23 lessons , Every lesson 77 minute , I plan to finish it in ten days .

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