This city, this museum, takes you into the past and present life of vinegar (6)

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Zhenjiang traditional vinegar production in the most unique , It's a special “ Solid state stratified fermentation ” process ,2006 It was listed in the first batch by the State Council in “ National intangible cultural heritage protection list ”.

This process condenses the essence of vinegar brewing in Zhenjiang for thousands of years , It represents the traditional characteristics and the highest level of vinegar brewing technology in southern China , It has a very high history 、 Cultural and social values .


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First, steaming rice and making wine . Choose a round 、 Sejie 、 It's oily 、 Delicious Jiangnan glutinous rice , Wash the , Steamed in a big oven . In the cooled glutinous rice , Add wine medicine and special starter to saccharify and liquefy , Brewing wine mash for vinegar .

The second is fermented grains . Add bran to the mash 、 Rice bran , Mix to a solid , Day by day 21 God , Hold it for a while , Make it chemically react , Acetic acid is formed 、 Amino acids, etc .

And then there's vinegar . The fermented grains of vinegar are ripe after timely storage , Put it in the vinegar bowl , Add fried beige and salt , Soak in water , Put it in the shower .

Fourth, fried vinegar . Raw vinegar to precipitate 、 Deployment 、 Fried vinegar becomes cooked vinegar , And then after drying , Ready to eat .

It is because Zhenjiang vinegar has a unique geographical environment and unique exquisite technology , It has “ color 、 sweet 、 acid 、 alcohol 、 strong ” Characteristics , And the longer it's stored , The more delicious the taste is , Form a unique “ Sour but not astringent , Fragrant and slightly sweet , The color is strong and the taste is fresh ” The taste of .


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There are always amazing coincidences in history . if 1910 Year Hengshun vinegar relies on “ Nanyang Business Association ” I won the gold medal for my excellent performance in the competition 、 The rise of fame , Open the door at one stroke and go to the whole country 、 To the door of the world , Well, a hundred years later 2010 year , Made by Hengshun “ Eight years of national vinegar ” Once again at the Shanghai World Expo , Again “ Return of the king ”.

Into the new millennium , Hengshun took the lead in the joint-stock system reform in the same industry , Jiangsu Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd , And in 2001 year 2 It was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in June , Become the first listed company in the same industry in China .

Time series change , Created by Zhu zhaohuai “ Hengshun ” Time-honored brand , After more than a century of hard work , From the corner of Zhenjiang , Go to the whole country and even the world , From a small traditional soy sauce and vinegar workshop to the largest scale in China today 、 The most modern vinegar production enterprise , And was recognized as China's time-honored brand 、 China's famous trademark 、 National intangible cultural heritage technology 、 National Industrial Heritage ……

Starting with Entrepreneurship 、 To innovation and growth , Hengshun has not only made countless achievements in the industry “ First of all ” and “ only ”, And established the industry “ leading position ”.

In recent years , Facing the huge competition and challenge of vinegar industry development , Hengshun has also made a breakthrough in marketing , Hengshun flagship store “ go online ” Taobao Mall , Make soy sauce online 、 Buying vinegar is a reality . Become the most famous condiment brand in China's e-commerce network platform , It also effectively promotes the innovation of marketing mode of traditional time-honored brand enterprises .


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