[2021.2.21] essays

2021-02-22 18:10:12  作者:Photography

2021 year 2 month 21 Japan 23:45, I want to write a running account .

Morning and Esther Formal communication , And talked about the details , Everything went well .


Cherry Blossom


My colleague said on wechat that xiaopenyou didn't do his homework well at home , So I made the toast and sent it to .


The flower vending machine in the subway station . Great love .

Always a warm-hearted person , The thought of 2015 In, he helped his male colleagues come up with ideas to make their husbands laugh , It's also something to remember . So that no matter the leaders or colleagues behind , When it comes to gifts, how to apologize, or when it comes to all kinds of gifts, they all come to ask me , Do I really want to do what I am good at ?


Lao like a ghost ( There is no derogation )


English is eaten by the hippocampus , I can't read a word .

Think about this morning fb An American grandfather left a message on the website saying that he and his wife love all kinds of Sichuan dishes I send , I reply with a knock ……


My favorite cartoon


This is the level of English


When I think of adolescence, my mother quietly put it at the head of the bed 《 Girl Life Encyclopedia 》


I'm fast, too 4 Zhang


Panda department store !


Stir fried yellow beef , Fried chicken with rice , Lao Wang is very good


Corn Baba


Hot jelly , Don't mention how delicious it is


Shrimp with vermicelli and garlic sauce , Absolutely first class


Stir fried pork with salt , Serve a meal .


Goodbye , My dear Wang Xiaowang , Wang loves you !


evening 9:40 Subway station , You've been working hard .


Received 2 This book , An early birthday present .


2 After hours , Benefited greatly .

And give Z My husband read a passage that I like very much , I guess his feeling in literature is not as deep as mine , But since Dashu suggests that , Try hard ~