There are many poems in the world, but each has its own merits

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Speaking of fisherman , Fisherman , I can't help but think of Jiang Ziya first , Jiang Shanggong fishing , May the hook be on . He's full of ambition to level the world , It's opportunity , Waiting for someone who knows him .


We've also read Hemingway's 《 The old man and the sea 》, The protagonist goes through life and death and finally returns home , His image of a tough guy is amazing . His boat carries a livelihood , And the souls who dare to fight .

And Fan Zhongyan's 《 Fishermen on the river 》, With the compassion of the world , A leaf boat , In the storm .

And Qu Yuan 《 Chu ci 》 The image of fisherman in China , It's more like an outsider . When he was banished ," Swim in the river , Singing along the river , The color is gaunt , an emaciated , dried-up appearance ”, Meet the fisherman by chance , They had a good time talking , Qu Yuan Shufa " The whole world is turbid and I am alone , I wake up when everyone is drunk ” I'm used to it , Fishermen use “ The water is clear , You can wash my tassels ; The water of Canglang is turbid , I can wash my feet ” And wake up Qu Yuan . Since then , The image of fisherman is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , From the point of view of the gods of enlightenment , Gradually evolved into seclusion and detachment 、 A symbol of indifference to fame and wealth .

Even later generations wrote about fishermen , Ignore the danger of traveling through the waves , And avoid the embarrassment of life , And extremely publicize the elegant taste of fishing on the river . This image , Especially Liu Zongyuan's “ In a lonely boat, there are many rainbows , Fishing for snow in the cold river alone " For example .

For example, Zhu Dunru, a Confucianist of the Song Dynasty , Long term seclusion , Not willing to be recruited as an official , I wrote six songs in succession 《 old fisherman 》 word , Singing about his leisure life in seclusion , among “ Shake your head to the world ” A word of , You can see its extraordinary and free from vulgarity . And Dongli picks chrysanthemums , Tao Yuanming overlooking Nanshan , What you do is different from what a fisherman does , But passion and ambition , The same is true , What they're after , All are “ free ” Two words .


In the past, Fan Li resigned from his official post and became a pan lake , To avoid " The cunning rabbit died , Running dog cooks ; Birds do not fly , Liang gongzang " The end of , Liu Zongyuan, on the other hand, had no official career ; Zhao Mengfu " The gull Heron , Proud princes , Even if the bass doesn't bite ", It shows that , It's cynicism .

All of these , Sum up , They are all influenced by Confucianism " Reach and benefit the world , Poor people are alone " The ideological influence of , They are determined to go fishing , Most of them are half due to heart and half due to reality .

Then the master Li Yu's " fisherman " The heart , Is helpless , Of course, he didn't really want to be a fisherman , He seems to have been forced to , Express directly in " Freedom in the waves ".


It is said that Li Yu " Be kind and filial , Good is literature , Painting and calligraphy , And abundant forehead parallel teeth , A heavy pupil ”. Double pupil refers to two pupils in one eye . In the history of “ Double pupil " It is said that there is Cangjie 、 Shun 、 Heavy ears 、 Xiang Yu, four people , They are all emperors or saints , Xiang Yu is also a overlord . Li Yu is the sixth son in the family , When Shiqi grew up , The four brothers are gone , Li Hongji, the elder brother, is a cruel man , To clear the way for the struggle for the throne , Li Hongji has poisoned his uncle Li jingtunnel . This made Li Yu shudder . It was once called “ Zhongshan hermit "" Zhong Feng hermit "" The hermit of Lianfeng "" Zhong Feng white lotus hermit " Show one's heart . It's more about doing 《 old fisherman 》 Two words , It means that I have no expectation of the imperial power , However, he has always been in the struggle for rights for no reason . If it wasn't for Li Hongji's violent death , Li Yu may not be the queen .


Two songs by Li Yu 《 old fisherman 》

The spray intends to snow a thousand times , No words, no words, no words . A pot of wine , One shot , How many people are so happy ?

A spring breeze and a boat , A silk cocoon and a light hook . Flowers all over the world , Full of wine , Freedom in the waves .

And Li Yu , Until death, I didn't ask for freedom , But ended up doing nothing , Not regard as , That you can't control your life .
By the Qing Dynasty, Ji Xiaolan had 《 go fishing 》 The poem , Similar to Li Yu's words , There is a beauty of plain face !

One pole, one scull, one fishing boat , One foot long rod, one inch hook .

One beat, one shout and one smile , Fishing for autumn alone .

There is leisure in it , There is also free and easy pride , The realm is extraordinary !


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