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The teaching and Research Office of a County Education Bureau in Shanxi Province has 8 Staff , old 、 Women have , We are used to calling each other teachers .

One day , Transfer a new normal student , His name is Anyang Jian . Anyang is tall , It's a long face , Yellow skin , It feels a little bit malnourished . Because it's tall and thin , It's a little wobbly to walk , It feels like you're walking unsteadily , I'm afraid he'll fall down .

An Yangjian's colleague has a problem , Love to have a runny nose , When we go to work together , I often feel that his nose is running out for a long time ,“ Here we go ” Suck it in again , It's like eating noodles . There's a big sister in the office , Sometimes it's said that he ,“ Anyang construction , You go outside and blow your nose out ”, At this time, Anyang Jian would stagger outside to blow his nose . after , Just be quiet in the office , Be more comfortable .

At that time, the units in the county seemed to have a common habit , Every office has a tea set , A large teapot with several small tea bowls , Drinking public tea . As soon as you go to work, turn on the water in the nearby tea stove . Who gets to work early , Who can draw water to make tea , Of course, I don't want to work , Always late to work . Make hot tea , Put a cup on each desk first , Then I read the newspaper . after , Who's finished , First, I'll give my colleagues a turn , Finally fill your own cup .

When colleague Anyang Jian just arrived , I humbly call you teachers , Also rush to get water to make tea . remove “ Wheezing, wheezing ” Out of noodles , People don't like him , No bad feelings , Colleagues get along very well .

Half a year later , The old director retired , An Yangjian's colleague proposed a deputy director of the teaching and research section . after , People gradually found that the address of deputy director an changed from teacher to direct address , People changed the name of him from the original to “ Deputy director an ” 了 . Deputy director an is no longer rushing to get water , Most of the time is waiting for someone to pour water into the bowl . Deputy director an has another characteristic , Paihuo love to pick up “ Soft persimmon ” pinch . The soft persimmon pinched is uncomfortable , And obey the arrangement , There are complaints in my heart , It doesn't show . The unit is still peaceful . Of course , At this time, no one asked deputy director an to blow his nose outside .

A few years later , The superior appropriated tens of thousands of yuan , Indicate the “ Improve teaching and research equipment , Special fund ”.

The teaching and research equipment has not been improved , The money is gone .

It was reported that , Relevant departments verify , Qian Quan was led by deputy director an and his later colleagues ( Most of the old comrades have been transferred away ) It's too much to eat and drink , He doesn't have his own bag .

The punishment given is to be removed from office , To be a teacher in a primary school .

Actually , It doesn't make much sense whether the post is revoked or not , Because the director of education in the county is Zhengke , The deputy director of the teaching and research section is not even a minor subject , There is no red headed document for the appointment of cadres , It was only orally appointed in the minutes of the meeting of the leading group of the Education Bureau “ official ”.

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