Crocodiles open their mouths to bask in the sun

2021-02-22 18:09:33  作者:Photography

Take a walk by the lake today , See an alligator basking in the sun , The mouth is wide open . Listen to the people next to you , Open your mouth for heat dissipation . But it's not very reasonable to think about it , Crocodiles are cold-blooded animals , There's no excess heat in the body , And just go straight into the water . Besides, , Sometimes when it rains , Crocodiles also open their mouths to rest .

My guess -1: It's just a comfortable posture . Just like some people like to sleep on their backs .

My guess -2: Open your mouth and wait for the prey , Open your mouth . Once a small animal enters the mouth , The mouth will close quickly and eat .

My guess -3: Toothache , Opening your mouth can relieve toothache .

What do you think ? Or which is more reasonable ?