Days without complaint (20210222)

2021-02-22 18:09:29  作者:Photography

A few days ago in 12306 Wait for one k158, I didn't see where the station was . Go to the exit with the surge of people , The channel is narrow and dark , This is not a tall top , There are rows of little flags hanging , Dense and dense , There's a lot of noise .

Strange feeling , There was a moment of trance , Did I cross , Where am I? ?

Calming observation , It turned out to be Beijing station . College days 、 When I was single, I went back and forth between Zhengzhou and Beijing , All in Beijing station . graduation 30 year , Back to the station when I first arrived . This is also called “ Remain true to our original aspiration ” Education , Thanks for the hint .

year of the ox , Well !